New Blog

This will be my new blog.

It’s just a place where I want to put my things together =]


4 Responses to New Blog

  1. Matt says:

    =], first comment (im a cheater ;D)

  2. BluePrince says:

    I love this blog. Some megaphones made me almost piss myself lol. I may have to make a blog of my own :P. anyway… I can’t beleive they banned you from O_O… after all the effort you made into stuff like members pictures etc. I don’t go on much anymore, its boring. I hope you keep updating this. buddy me if you like 😀 biueprince


  3. b0wjob says:

    One thing that I wish Wizet would improve is to increase the Buddy slot..
    There are cool people out there that I’d love to BL with but
    my slot is full =(

    One of the recent KMS patch shows the expansion of
    Guild limit to 100 members, hopefully they’ll do something
    similar to buddy slot.

    thank you for your comment ^^

  4. How your project develops?

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