Using Maple to Help Study

According to operant conditioning approach
that is used in behavior modification (psychology),

a behavior is strengthened if it’s paired with a
desired/wanted reinforcement (reward).


for example,
you go out with your friends on friday night and had a great time.
going out is the behavior and having fun is the reinforcement.
which in other words,
having a good time reinforces you wanting to go out again next time.


How can this apply to Maple Story ?

I was supposed to train with friends on Saturday,
but I had school works that I have to study.
I log into the game and told them that
I’ll study for a hr and come back later.


Here is my advice:

If you want to play Maple but you also have school work to do,
set yourself a period of time that you will concentrate on school work,
and once you reached your goal, reward yourself by playing Maple .

for exmaple,
You tell yourself to spend either 2 hours in studying
or finish certain assignment,
and when you finish it, you reward yourself to play Maple for 2 hours

Make sure the goal you set is reasonable. 😉


Time to go study !


3 Responses to Using Maple to Help Study

  1. Goggyfour says:

    I’ve known about this psychology for a long time now, and practiced it healthily. Unfortunately, I’m now conditioned (as in a compulsion) to do something worthwhile before playing MS. So I now spend hours upon hours reading SW posts, and updating my blog before playing (and no, I haven’t played today yet).

  2. b0wjob says:

    you are not alone 😉

  3. Neonian says:

    It works O=.
    I find myself training harder now, cause i have less time to train.

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