Thread of the Moment

Usually threads in General Maple Story section from is flooded by topics that ask questions
on quests/game/other things that really don’t give options
to engage in deep discussion..

However, I find this thread one of the valuable ones out there:   

. did you ever meet someone from Ms in Rl ?

People who post here share their personal experience on
meeting people from in game to getting to know in real life
and how they going out/become friends, which I think really
lives the essence of General MS discussion where people
can engage into some interesting discussion.

This reminds me years ago when I played Diablo 2,
Blizzard company announced that there’s a couple getting
married and they got to know each other in game.

Hey, who knows, maybe one day you’ll end up meeting your
MS friends in real life and get to hang out or have good time together =]


2 Responses to Thread of the Moment

  1. Goggyfour says:

    Nah, the general section is the most thought provoking section on SW. Watch for ANTX’s ~monthly topics on economics. It’s also where NXJoe comes out of hiding around every other month, so you need to check it a lot to stay current. It’s the hunting grounds section you’re describing, as flooded…

  2. Lira says:

    Heh, yeah. I used to plan to meet a couple of my Maple friends IRL…these days I’ll never know. Maybe when I move up north this September. 🙂

    -wave- Hi, Bow! 😀

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