With finishing off major exams this week,
This weekend is pretty relaxing for me.

This is my training progress from Friday afternoon till now
(Sat. evening)

( Time, %, exp (per million))

So from friday 2:51 pm I started off with level 110 89% at 15 mil exp,

to saturday 5:20 pm level 111 18.14 mil exp

Trained for about 13+ hours.

Will I be able to hit 113 by the end of Sunday ?

The marathon is still on


5 Responses to Marathon

  1. Goggyfour says:

    Gratzors. I failed the 87 marine arund I found for 2.8m. My life ended yesterday.

  2. Goggyfour says:

    No, F4, you grind hoar.

  3. b0wjob says:

    its 8 am and lvl 112 80+% lol

  4. luminaire says:


    whoa, Josh. That was kind of hardcore. I haven’t seen pencil-and-paper records of exp since *I* did that…

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