Marathon – pt.2

Started to record the progress from Saturday 8:25 pm (lvl 112 5.03%)
I was planning to train till 4+ in the morning but my training partner
asked me to stay longer since his friend will log in early in the morning
and train with him, so I ended up staying up till 8:30 am.

(Goby party from 2:10 am ~ 8: 10 am)


After a long time of training I felt like my fingers got numb
and my typing skills was decresed:

I meant to say “Dude” >_>


This happend around 7 in the morning:



Training Progress

Keeping track of my training progress helps me to stay motivated.
I compare my last hour of %/hr gained and I aim to get a better %
for the next hour. I think the maxium I got within a hour was 11.46%/hr



Besides waiting for spring break to start this Friday,
here’s another thing that I’ll look forward to:

Madness?! this is sparta!


4 Responses to Marathon – pt.2

  1. Goggyfour says:

    LOL! The only one I know who grinds harder than that is my own guild master o_o 0-80 in a month t-t He’s crazy

  2. Mr Stealth says:

    Qtf sir, your typing skills are always diminished.
    The sad thing is that I can still remember promising myself that I would never let you or Jom pass me, now all of you are alot higher. :/ Oh well, I’ll always have better equips and be way sexier than you.

    One more thing RL PIX PLIZIZZLE

  3. B0WJOB says:

    I have my pics on Khaini forum and here.
    and what is QTF anyway Jarius. F3

  4. Mr Stealth says:

    “QTF” is something people from gamefaqs say because it’s mocking noobs who typo “WTF”.

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