Getting there…

Midterm is finally over and Spring Break has begun 😀 

It happend that xMathGeekx and I were training at 4 in the morning.
After a while, I got really sleepy to a point where if I closed my eyes
I would fall asleep while playing. I don’t want to go in detail explaining
why I am doing this, but trust me, I would’nt do this on normal occasion.

I meant to say Xaravir.

I was half asleep and I swear I thought my hawk was an item.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I went to bed at 8:30.
I think he went on the whole day.


Later on that day I pretty much soloed my way to level up.

we were talking about one of the Khaini dramas
and boy, aint this trippy.


Sachin got a BoMD and let me borrow it for a while.
I thought, hey, why don’t I use it to level ? ^^

level 114  😀

BoMD looks incredibly huge when you equip it

see what I’m talking about ?


Six more levels to go. How far can I achieve during Spring Break ?

We’ll find out =]


4 Responses to Getting there…

  1. Lira says:

    XDDD wo ye bu xi huan KS! But all I can do is run.

    We should all get some sleep. After gPQing for 4 hours yesterday, I nearly fell over. But then again, it’s why you guys are the level you are.

    and thanks to you, I deleted all the old posts on an old WordPress blog I had, and am starting over anew. I’ll be posting on it often and talking about my trip this summer. I’ll link it to you when I head back to Shanghai~

    Almost to 120! Go go go go~

  2. Goggyfour says:

    Well when you start hallucinating people as mushmoms in real life, don’t say it was the coffee.

  3. Cheryl says:


  4. Ray.mond says:

    I think you’re crazier than Pokgai in terms of dedication…

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