Slow and painful.

I guess things work differently in terms of leveling
once you hit over lvl 100+.

I overestimated my training progress and well,
it just happend that I was determined to finish off this level.
Plus, hey, its Spring break, let me abuse it a lil 😛

So it’s 11:25 am Tuesday and I just finished training.

I went to Deep Sea George 1 and bumped into Ariana.

What was I doing ? Hawk the bone fish to death.

BAM. 115.


I understand why the 6th ranger said on buddy chat

that he cant wait for Ripery to come out…

In fact, we all do, don’t we ? Even Jipang would alleviate the

situation of arund shortage for us.

Good grief. leveling takes a long time at this level.

I should take a vacation and hunt some Gate Keeper or Thantos…


5 Responses to Slow and painful.

  1. Goggyfour says:

    I already asked Ray about leveling conditions in Riprey, and he noted that most, if not all of it, would require either 13X third jobness, or fourth job period. And since we know that neither Jipang or Amoria are going to be unique to any version anymore, we’ll probably be getting World Tour eventually. GMs fails at map patches 😮

    You should seriously consider hunting regular phantom watches in your spare time, though, since I hear that they drop some items that you can’t get anywhere else (dragon tail ploxz). If I were your level, I’d be more concerned about funding the next step, than finding teh exp.

  2. Goggyfour says:

    Oh, and they drop fire arunds also. _> I should consider updating my own blog instead of posting so much on SW and other blogz o_o

  3. B0WJOB says:

    and enable comments or something dude,
    your blog is a piece of work. ty for info. xD

  4. Goggyfour says:

    I swear they do work o_o Dabe and other people have commented before

  5. Mr Stealth says:

    You met my baby there?

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