Gachapon – Henesys

My friend got lucky with Gachapon and got himself
a Bow of Magical Destruction and other sweet items,
which made me want to try my luck too.

So here is my first experience with Gachapon:

I bought $10 of Tickets and got on with my mule:


I then went to my main character and charged another $10

(I was thinking that my mule had low fames and maybe
my main’s higher fame would somehow helps …
Superstitioion. I know. but if this is my last time doing Gacha
I want to do it on my main so I have no excuse afterwards)

and this is what I got…


As I turned in each ticket my heart sank. I didnt like the result.
I began to think that I just wasted $20 dollars just for these craps.
I got one ticket left. I clicked the machine thinking that I’ll finish this
and head to bed and get ready for weekend…




I think 50% of my blood rushed to my head.


Then I scrolled it… the scrolling was crappy…
but hey, overall this cape still rocks ^^



I am happy ^_^


12 Responses to Gachapon – Henesys

  1. gidian4209 says:

    OMFG! Your like so lucky. Last time i tryed gachapon I got a steel guard TT

  2. Lira says:

    NICE. XD~

  3. comprine says:

    lucky motherfucking piece of shit 😀

    gg 😉

  4. Goggyfour says:

    Err. Nice. I guess _

  5. Goggyfour says:

    Holy crap I submitted and it cut that comment to pieces ;_; (uses IE). So eh, I changed my entire blog setup, and if you’re still having trouble getting comments in you might try now (grr this is really annoying me).

  6. Tnecca says:

    0.0 Cool.. on your first gach try? lol lucky bastard!

  7. Simon says:

    Heh… You got pretty lucky little man. Wish I could get some of dat. I should be getting some gach tickets in a week or so.

    -Simon Bellwood

  8. B0WJOB says:

    good luck big man.

  9. wtf says:

    hey, why is the items exatly the same from the second try??? the jprincess? same convo just added a pink adventure cape? “Edit?”


  10. PWNAGETACOS says:

    Hey if yall want to get a PAC go to mushroom shrine gacha and u will get nothing but good items

  11. Andrew Maez says:

    I really love this shit man, you are awsome

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