Upgraded Ranger

I am possibily one of the most godly Rangers in Khaini…for NOW.
My friend is going to play market for a period of time and
he won’t train that much, and he lend me his equipments.

From the data we gathered, this is by far
the best Arund in the whole GMS.

Decent shoe, not bad.

I’m also equiping 6 Dex 70 HP Arlic Helmet for now

Breaking down my equipements:

105 Att 1 Dex Arund (StealthStoat)
10 Att 5 Dex 2 Str Dark Cordon (StealthStoat)
3 Att 6 Dex Pink Cape (B0WJOB)
33 Dex 2 Str Dark Pris (B0WJOB)
6 Dex 70 HP Arlic Helm (StealthStoat when he hits lvl 90)
12 Dex Dark Wing Boots (StealthStoat)
Rose earring who cares.

This gives my overall attack range:


Comments from Khaini’s 4th and 5th Rangers

Don’t forget that my godly stats are only temporary;
When my friend wants his items back I’ll have to return it
(I hope you play the market forevar hu hu hu >:3 )
But for now, not bad. pretty cool =]


7 Responses to Upgraded Ranger

  1. Cutiezy says:

    Your overall not bad =)

    btw is your server new? 105wa arund is pretty common in Msea

  2. Mr Stealth says:

    My 105 arund is tied for GMS’s best arund. =O

  3. Julian says:

    you’re full of yourself arent you?

  4. B0WJOB says:

    what do you mean ?

  5. Julian says:

    well, blabla im the godliest ranger..

    i just dont like that =P

  6. iclimax says:

    He’s not full of himself julian, he’s proud of being one kick ass ranger, so.. gtfo plis kthxbai

  7. B0WJOB says:

    I explained myself on his blog, and we are cool btw,
    I didnt try to sound cocky on the post tho..

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