Thank you

Thank you all for visiting my blog and
leave such encouraging comments ^_^

I want to especially thank the archers who spend their time
finding some new godly items or the effort
that they put into the find the %exp/hr,
some datas that could help the archer community in general.
I hope more datas will come to make these threads grow,
and maybe spread the words to others as well.

My internet has been down and will be down until the end of March,
That means no Mapling for me.
The second part of Monster Riding has already
started its photo editing work
and will soon be tranlated. I expect it to be up before weekend.

JMS just had their 4th job.
I think some major changes will come to GMS in the near future
that will surely change/enhance our gaming experience.

Remember, YOU are part of the Maple community so
you have the responsibility to influence
the quality of this community as well.
While waiting/wishing the community gets better,
you can start the act yourself and bring a positive influece
to the community first. Influence others.

A member from sleepywood made this animation,
I thought it was quite interesting ^_^

Maple Dating Service


Have a great day, everyone, and hope you have fun in Maple


5 Responses to Thank you

  1. Goggyfour says:

    You know I visit this site at least twice a day. You can’t fewl me B0WJOB! Neither can your clever accomplice pokgai

  2. Goggyfour says:

    Anyway, keep up the other MS patch versions. I think they’re probably the most important reads of either of your articles (at least until you guys start writing articles. gasp). Love seeing a glimpse of GMS’ future.

  3. yeeli, says:

    haha, nice blog, i’ll be playing during easter, hopfully

  4. drunkenslutt says:

    Hey josh!!! I was wonderin why you havent gon on. I thought u deleted me lol. That dating service clip is soo cute. haah

  5. B0WJOB says:

    No way Amy, why would I delete you >_

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