KMS Comic

To answer batcave‘s question:

1) how many chapters of this korean comic strip/manga are out there ?
There are by far 25 chapters released on KMS website

2) how many come out per week ?
The released frequency is unstable,
sometimes people had to wait for a month
for a new chapter to come out,
sometimes you get 2 chapters in a day.

This is the released date for KMS:

Chapter 1: June 05, 2006
Chapter 2: July 06, 2006
Chapter 3: July 31, 2006
Chapter 4: August 03, 2006
Chapter 9: September 26, 2006
Chapter 10: October 23, 2006
Chapter 11: October 25, 2006
Chapter 21: January 02, 2007
Chapter 22: Febuary 09, 2007
Chapter 25: March 12, 2007

You get the picture.

3) how long does it take to translate and edit it ?
Not only I have to translate them, I also have to go through
– Photoshop to erase the original Korean dialogue,
– Take out the extra gaps between he comic frames
(Image must be under 9999 pixel height in order to
be shown on the blog), along with translating it and typing..

Usually around one hour, or less.

I learn/improve my Korea as I do this, so :]

4) Do you like pie ?
No. Not now.
I had a beer jug of green tea few hours ago and
I feel sick for the first time =_=



From now on, the KMS Comic will be translated and release
in its originally chronological order.

In other words, it will start off with Chapter 1 and so on.

For now, I have a small teaser for you 😉


5 Responses to KMS Comic

  1. anonymous says:

    hello BOWJOB, could you write down some photography tips? i’m into it, but i don’t know much. thanks.

  2. B0WJOB says:

    There are many many things to talk about when it comes to tips in photography,
    I can start off from the basic rules such as the
    Rule of Thirds, shutter speed, F stop (apature), ISO, basic rules for
    composition and lightning…..

    before I answer you, would you tell me how much you know about photography ?

  3. batcave says:

    thanks for answering my queries bow 😛 anyways that teaser is …. histaricle… i cant spell well when i just woke up. anyways thanks for the answers. be back later when im more awake 😛

  4. anonymous says:

    very little. i just started photography after getting inspired by the photographs you posted on i know the rules of Thirds btw.

    ps: i would like to have your email address

  5. Iph says:

    I feel so bad for the stump… Awww =(

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