Chinese Gachapon ?

April 30, 2007

Found on CMS website:

Seems like this is a new/modified version of Gachapon
(Anyone who plays CMS can varify this?)

(I’m not good with Pin Yin – I went to Taiwan system school)
Literal translation for this machin is

“Happy Hundred Treasure Box”


New version of Bai-Bao-Xiang,
not only rich in Traditional Chinese food,
Drop rate for Scrolls and Rare Toy/Equipments increased greatly,
hurry up and try.


*the guy is saying: “Spit out the good things!”

Introducting the rewards:
Magical potions:
virious Chinese foods,
and high class super potions that are needed for BOSS

Muchroom/Pig/White Alien statue
(CS item that transform you into one of the above, I guess)

Rare toy:
Mushroom, poison mushroom, ski board, pumpkin gun and other rare toys

Dream equips:
lvl 110 high class items even are hard to find from BOSS

Cursed srolls:
tool/items for brave people, disspear or greatly enhance items

More treasure:
Bai-Bao-Xiang has hid all items from MS!! You can get any item that you want.


The way to use it is like Gachapon
(maybe this IS Gachapon, only modified ?=x)


Available in:

Lith Harbor(Bright Pearl harbor) , Henesys(Archer/Shooter village),
Ellinia (Magic forest), Perion (Warrior Tribes),
Sleepywood (City in the forest), El Nath (Snow city in ice),
Ludi (Toy city), Aqua Road (Underwater world)

Feel free to point out any mistakes.


2nd Zakum – lvl 121

April 28, 2007

Was 97.70% before the Zakum run

Leveled when all 8 arms are down


That’s about 689853 exp in 50 minutes.
(we took a break in between)
Last time I died on the 50% second body,
This time I made a lil further:


The lag killed me >__>

The Zakum drop-outs.

Well. I did better than last time.
Maybe I’ll get a Z helm in the near future =]




How surprising. Pokgai hacks/scams/keyloggs

Chapter 4 – Analyze Each Class (2)

April 24, 2007

Good grief.
This chapter took twice than normal time/effort to translate.
I deserve props for doing this >_>

This comic was released back in 05 or 06,
so 4th job skills does not apply


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First Zakum Run

April 23, 2007

Excuse me I noticed this post
gets a good amount of views from you
almost everyday, how did you FIND this post? 😮

with priest and dk >_>

With the laptop that I use, I made until 2nd Body,
and I was quite content =]

Zakum got his chanced and touched me =/

Here’s few SS.

4/23/07 Zakum

4/23/07 Zakum
One thing that bothered me was that
minutes after I died I DCed..

Hope I won’t DC next time >:)

Ooll7021oO level 150 !

April 23, 2007

Ooll7021oO, our #1 Ranger finally reached lvl 150 !

He’s one of the most respected and humble people.

lol @ credit.

Props, Dennis for the video(nice song)

CONGRATS to Ooll7021oO on 150!

My Scrolling Video !!

April 21, 2007

IT is DONE ! After over 10 hours of preparation and editing,
Here’s the complete story of me scrolling few well scrolled bows

This is my first serious Maple Story videos,
I am a complete noob in video making,
and I spent a good amount of time figuring out how things work.

Unfortunately the audio and video doesn’t match as the orignal file
when being viewed on youtube. But anyhow,

sit back and enjoy the vid ^^

Chapter 3 – Analyze Each Class (1)

April 20, 2007

School has been keeping me busy. Anyhow,

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