In Your FACE

2 weeks ago I scrolled this:

I got really excited. These two bows have great potentials
and I was looking at them in awe.

the 2 10% Hinkel has the potential to be 104 att, which the
best by far we know in GMS is 99 att,

the best Fire arund we know is 105 att and this has potential
to be the best bow in Khaini or possibly the whole GMS

so I finished scrolling (a minute after I made them):

My face turned numb and for the first time I want to
just log off Maple and stop training…



But one day, I will.


9 Responses to In Your FACE

  1. Dustin says:

    Oh… You learn to move on and try again next time (or never again) ._. 30% scrolls will come out.
    There goes your profit though >_

  2. B0WJOB says:

    I only have enough mesos for training now ;__;

  3. Cham says:

    Your scrolling luck is still better than mine.

  4. Iph says:

    Auch… That’s some seriously bad luck -worse then me! I know what it’s like ;_;

  5. cutiezy says:

    ah don’t give up, wait for GMS to release 30% scrolls, u can get better equips with those.

  6. batcave says:

    ouch bow … ouch better luck next time mate

  7. KurtVonnegut says:

    hey um btw, the best hinkel in gms is 103 att golden hinkel.. and its own by a person in bera… i think lordxvadar still has it…

  8. B0WJOB says:

    hey um btw, SS plz.

  9. George says:

    Sorry to say this about DaTrueGoof…

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