TMS and CMS news

Taiwan MS is giving 20% discount for x2 Exp Card from 4/4~4/9



China MS is going to have 4th job released in april:


A rough translation:

Stunning effects, powerful attacks, courage to eliminate all obstacles!
This is 4th job, which has been numerous Maplers dream;
4th job, will open a new milestone in Maple History.
Now, the dream is about to come true,
the long anticipated Maple Story 4th job will be opened in April!

Break the job limits, you will experience the enjoyment of over 50 skills,
this will be a visual and auditory festival,
because not only your screen will give you memories,
but also makes you want to jump in action.

Super Boss, team missions…will all be presented to you,
4th job ! Get prepared and join the world of adventure,
explore the realm you have never seen before.



3 Responses to TMS and CMS news

  1. Venom747 says:

    i wonder when that’ll come to gMS xD it’ll take a while but i’m sure it’ll come =/

  2. Julian says:

    That makes me jealous xD

  3. batcave says:

    lucky them 😦 T.T

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