CMS Easter Update

Translated from CMS website:

Easter is here once again. For Christians, it is the day to celebrate the resurrection
of Christ. For others, it’s a holiday symbolize new beginning. Aee you ready for
Maple Story’s Easter event ?

Easter holiday includes: Palm Sunday, The Passover, Good Friday, and Resurrection.
Do you know thier origin? Let’s take a look:

Palm Sunday:
Jesus enters Jerusalem with glory,
the crowds welcome him with palms (Theme items)


The Passover:
The Lord strikes plague and kills all the first born in Egypt.
The Bible says only those who has the blood of lamb on their door
will avoid the plague and escape the death. (Theme items)


Good Friday:
To remember Jesus dies on the cross to save the people
of the world from its sins. (Theme Items)



Jesus dies on the cross, and resurrects after 3 days.

Cash items for the Easter:

Leaf,  (hat) Crown of victory, Staff of donkey

Sheep sweater, Safety charm to block accidents.

Symbolize Jesus carries the sin of the mankind – Prisoner clothes
Cross earring

Water of life – full of life energy
Share the joy of salvation – discounted Super Megaphone
Angel costume.

There will also be events:

4/06: there will be monsters on selected maps.
These monsters will endanger mapler’s safety,
hopefully everyone will come together and destroy them.

4/07~08: Find the hidden gold egg
During the event, there will be golden eggs appear in hidden place in maps
the first player who finds the egg will get a reward.
GM will narrate stories of Easter to Maplers.



6 Responses to CMS Easter Update

  1. aznZephyr says:

    This was translated from the original CMS site?

  2. batcave says:

    good stuff good stuff .. 😛

  3. B0WJOB says:

    Yes. and you can click the source (link) and find out yourself

  4. aznZephyr says:

    Biblical stories instead of supernatural egg laying bunnies.

  5. Neonian says:

    Since when did angels have bindis?

  6. B0WJOB says:

    i guess they want to encourage maplers to buy more nx item

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