Level 120

After two weeks of being lvl 119:


Mushmom dropped 60% Shoe for Jump scroll ^_^





After party:

Few people came with me and had a fun suicide party



To those who came:

Thank you for being paitent and waited for a
while just to see a guy leveling up.

I hope when you watch my first video
you will feel like the time you spent on waiting
was worth it ^^

Thank you Clostery for stopping by
and Sushlmonster and 700gobuA
for dooring people to the map


Thanks to the people who congratulate me through whisper:
Firefux, TranceNinja, Suqier, Poop, xPickles, SirSharkZ, Goatfry, Venis, CandyArrows, Akkilin, 7H3USED, LadyBones, MysteryGoo, Xenox9, toExotic, xBIMB0, PJgalz, R3v3LLoSkY, Blastoff, Assasin587, DC2006, trinity1018, EndMagnus, Gligamesh, decoyyy, LuFFY008, Theiffffy, EvilDeadile, LinkSora55, Woylewarrior, FearChimera, ikkakuu, Gigorga1, Razru


Thread on sw.net:
Another major 120 on Khaini– the newest bowmaster

Did you and Stealthstote went to Pap suicide ?
If so, you should have came with us~

Don’t feel bad Shelly, thanks for always being a
good/supporting friend >__<

Mass suicide pap did happned..
Were you there but didn’t see the message?
I recruited for about 3 times before I actually went

Laser Life:
You were smart for picking that scroll that MM dropped
before someone took away
(I doubt anyone would really steal it anyway)
Thanks Jody 🙂

Don’t worry about taht John 😉

The Blue Chick:
Sorry for about, Ari, I didn’t know your sw.net
account name so I didn’t send the PM to you beforehand

A good photography involves with capturing the right moment,
and you and Depnoa certainly did that.
They were great timing, thanks

I am a Christian and I’d appreciate you refrain from saying the word
“God damn it”. It’s your choice really, but I just wanted to say that.
I really wish Nexon would allow us to expand Buddy slots
beyond 50… I hate taking off any buddy on my list

Thank you all (who posted on that thread) once again =)



I wonder how I should spend my last 3 sp for 3rd Job.
I maxed everything else but the skills displayed on the img.
(I wonder if having lvl 15 Hawk is a better build.
Since Phoenix requires only lvl 15 Hawk in jMS)

– Max puppet: from 5k hp to 6k hp with 2 sp (not likely)
– +6 speed by dumping it into Thrust (not interested)
– Increase MB’s level (possiblly)


Time to work on my first video.


13 Responses to Level 120

  1. Julian says:


  2. batcave says:

    GRATS !! 😛

  3. aznZephyr says:

    get thrust!! xD


  4. lemonpat says:

    Grats ^^ Keep on leveling

  5. Ray.mond says:


    and LOL at the guy who got missed by the energy ball thing.

  6. oHaibaraAio says:

    Congratulations on lvl 120! ^.^

    How did the guy manage to miss getting hit? XD Lol.

  7. Goggyfour says:

    I would do two more into the puppet, since from videos I’ve seen, stuff in Ice Fields can do 1-2k+ damage to it. Put the remaining point into MB I guess. Mebbe 30 hawk was not such a good choice >_

  8. Lira says:

    D: Josh haxed my screencap.

    Congrats again, wo de hao peng you~ 😛

  9. Goggyfour says:

    AHHHHH I knew I recognized the music from somehwere (I just watched Boondock Saints like a month ago). By the way, try to keep music choice to a minimum (one song is ideal to get a message through). If you go through three or four songs your message will get skewed, and it will seem like you just threw stuff in to make it look good, or to fill space. That’s where you need to figure out where your most powerful footage and screenshots are. If you decide that you need that extra room, try to find a song with a similar effect (which is almost impossible to do).

  10. tehuntz0r says:


    That guy who missed the energy ball thingy made me lol..

  11. neonian says:

    Nonono, we went on a thanatos suicide.
    I’m too nooby for pap ;_;

  12. J3 says:

    Congratulations Josh! Wish I would have been there, but alas school work takes precedence. I’ll be back in May.

  13. B0WJOB says:

    Keep your school as priority =)

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