My Scrolling Video !!

IT is DONE ! After over 10 hours of preparation and editing,
Here’s the complete story of me scrolling few well scrolled bows

This is my first serious Maple Story videos,
I am a complete noob in video making,
and I spent a good amount of time figuring out how things work.

Unfortunately the audio and video doesn’t match as the orignal file
when being viewed on youtube. But anyhow,

sit back and enjoy the vid ^^


9 Responses to My Scrolling Video !!

  1. aznZephyr says:

    I would do that too….but I have NO MONEY =.=

  2. Goggyfour says:

    I’m getting ready for my mass scrolling project, even though I’m hesitant about losing anymore scrolls. Is it coincidental that I studied deeply into the gambler’s fallacy today, after believing for so long in the FA scrolling technique, and then you come out with this video? XD I still have 5 FA on my bowman. Thankfully it didn’t hurt my build too bad, I just had to give up focus…no big loss there. About your thoughts on 10%, watch how a level 5 FA works and you’ll see that maybe in 100 or 200 shots you’ll find pockets where it will activate over and over again, and then it stops activating for a while. My whole ordeal was in predicting exactly where those pockets would be, which is an extraordinary challenge requiring lots of time and patience firing at nothing for a while.

  3. Goggyfour says:

    I also formulated a critical scrolling technique using strafe, where every critical that missed was a chance for a 60% to activate. I loves my pseudo sciences haha

  4. Ray.mond says:

    That was pretty intense scrolling x.x

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  6. batcave says:

    That was pretty intense scrolling M.M

  7. Tnecca says:

    Pretty cool vid, it would be fun to do that sometimes.. shame i got no money. Anyways, nice editing for a first time =) The ending is particularly good (the changing pictures of your character following the music). Good job 🙂

  8. HelloWorld says:

    Peace people

    We love you

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