First Zakum Run

Excuse me I noticed this post
gets a good amount of views from you
almost everyday, how did you FIND this post? 😮

with priest and dk >_>

With the laptop that I use, I made until 2nd Body,
and I was quite content =]

Zakum got his chanced and touched me =/

Here’s few SS.

4/23/07 Zakum

4/23/07 Zakum
One thing that bothered me was that
minutes after I died I DCed..

Hope I won’t DC next time >:)


6 Responses to First Zakum Run

  1. batcave says:

    you usually dc at zakum if your dead buddy it shouldnt bother you

  2. aznZephyr says:

    well, at least you XAN zakum 😀
    as a lvl 75 F/P Mage, I can’t do
    anything to it T.T

  3. Cheche says:

    lol my first zakum has solo lv 137 Chief bandit XD

  4. Some guy says:

    I solo’ed zakum in 2hours and 15minutes as a 126 mechanic, and right after zakum died, I D/C’ED. It’s cause my OS is Vista, what a betch.

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