Chapter 4 – Analyze Each Class (2)

Good grief.
This chapter took twice than normal time/effort to translate.
I deserve props for doing this >_>

This comic was released back in 05 or 06,
so 4th job skills does not apply



7 Responses to Chapter 4 – Analyze Each Class (2)

  1. aznZephyr says:

    PROPZ~~!! xD

    They explain the thief and bowman so poorly.
    Should thieves be the ones with the “rapid”
    attacks? They’re the ones with Savage Blow
    and Triple Throw combining it with their agility
    and evasiveness.

    Even if Bowmen have the Storm of Arrows and
    strafe for their “rapid attacks,” they are more
    about accuracy and timing of their attacks
    (Snipe and Pierce).

    Whatever. I don’t make these comics xD

  2. Ray.mond says:

    I think whoever writes these comics never played the game before.

    When did Ethan stop being an archer? =/

  3. B0WJOB says:

    I know I was kinda confused about taht =/

  4. warblade68 says:

    lol great work….!

  5. batcave says:

    ray bow worked backwards he skipped to the future then went back to the past .

  6. Goggyfour says:

    This isn’t even a second job view of the classes (minor exception being haste for thieves). And even so, the editor probably understood a lack of balance having to come up with these pros and cons. He didn’t even bother differentiating subclasses; this is an ignorarnt view at best o_o;;

    It almost looks like they took these characteristics straight from the NPC’s explanations (LOLE NPCS…)

  7. oHaibaraAio says:

    Good job with the translation ^^

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