WayOfBushido Joining SlipAway

Due to guild master BadNinjutsu’s (BN) schedule which
makes him unable to be active enough to run a guild,
WayOfBushido will be joining SlipAway.

In other words, WayOfBushido is shutting down.

After a week long of e-mailing back and forth,
BN mentioned about disbanding the guild because
of his real life situation. I suggested to partner with
another guild that has similar ideal and goal as Bushido,
Which SlipAway is one of the guilds that came to my mind.

I have known the two founders of SlipAway for a long time.
Chegeh (now inactive) and AlyssaAnn (leader) are both
cool cats and we’ve been friends for a while.
I believe that under Alyssa’s leadership,
the members in SlipAway will grow not only stronger
but also be one of a positive force/influence to Khaini community.

After all, both WayOfBushido and SlipAway has a common goal
of respecting each other and be a good influence to others.

After hours of discussion at FM on saturday night,
Alyssa, BN and I have all agreed on our next moves.

This is my first guild ever, from lvl 3x to 121.
Though it is sad to see this guild shutting down,
it’s spirit will live on through SlipAway.
I have met great individuals throughout my time in the guild.
and will look forward to maintain as friends even though
we will be parting our way.

This is currently what I want to say.

My last job is to escort all active members to SlipAway
(or join other guild or remain guildless, whatever their wish is)
and my mission will be completed.

This is an on-going process. We’ll see how it goes.

more updates will come.


9 Responses to WayOfBushido Joining SlipAway

  1. DeadlyForce1 says:

    Well, all I can say is good luck with your migration b0w. WayOfBushido was a cool guild, and it had a lot of cool members, hope most of them make it into your new one with no problems.

    Good luck – 11Guardians guild – Scania

    P.S. Although this is completely unrelated, I looking for other MS WordPress blogs to read since I only know about yours and Pokgais, which is dead now 😦 So, if you have one, check mine out, leave a comment and then I’ll start checking yours out!

  2. MutantGuitar says:

    best of luck to you and your guildies in your new (and bigger) family.

  3. Ray.mond says:

    Go rape GPQ now 😀

  4. B0WJOB says:

    haha, yea. I’ve never passed the 1st stage (the statue part)
    we always screw it up and cant get past than 5 statue
    (we only tried twice) .__.

  5. xRagingHeart says:

    Nib 😮

  6. Good luck with your migration, hope everyone enjoys the new guild 🙂

  7. Goggyfour says:

    My first guild was Mirage. We disbanded near the end of last year and reformed under the heading ‘Hubris.’ I will certainly never leave my guild unless I have to (we’re staffed at around 95% college level players), and have relations to the best legit guilds in Windia. Quite a few interesting things happen almost daily. 😀

    Good luck with your new guild.

  8. neonian says:

    You shoulda merged with renegade, we’re about 700 times cooler.

  9. wayway says:

    Hi josh! this is wayway3. I’m sorry that wayofbushido is being disbanded! it must have been hard for you >_> you’ve been in tehre for so long! I hope you’re alright, and that you’re enjoying your new guild!

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