100th Bowman !

Been using my roommate’s laptop
watching first 3 seasons of The Simpsons..
sure helps making training less boring ^^v

GMS ranked 100th bowman
But my goal is hit lvl 130~135 before I go back to Hong Kong =]

Items I got today:

Red Wing Boot from Papulatus,
Maple Bandana from a friend :3

I was so close of hitting lvl 123
I didn’t know there was server check.
Was hoping +2 levels after Sunday, oh well =/

Summer class starts tomorrow. (relatively) less Mapling ~


6 Responses to 100th Bowman !

  1. Venom747 says:

    holy crap bow… thats bloody fast lvling? where u bin training?!

  2. TMS ranger says:

    i thought u said u were the 7th khania ranger 0.0

  3. B0WJOB says:

    7th Khaini ranger, now ranked 100th in GMS.

    Ive been soloing/partying at Goby
    and partying at Squids.

  4. WOAH! MAN THAT IS CRAZZZZZZZZZZY! Nice work, and grats on hitting 100th Archer in gMS 🙂

  5. neonian says:

    When i hit lv79, you should squid with me.
    And then we can argue over drops and such.
    Good times.

  6. pcscricky says:

    wow nice and thanxz for da advice xD

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