Chapter 12 – Illegal Program pt.3

So the hacker met GM. what now ?

DISAPPEAR ! Wooosh !


14 Responses to Chapter 12 – Illegal Program pt.3

  1. aznZephyr says:

    wow, the reaction the bandit gives is so…unrealistic xD

  2. fallenrainx says:

    lol its so funny ^^

  3. Venom747 says:

    roflmao he was ‘flamed’ by a GM xD

  4. Ray.mond says:

    Didn’t Ethan already meet the GM in the first comic?

  5. B0WJOB says:

    The “GM Story” was around Chapter twenty something,
    this one came before GM story…i THINK this might be
    his first encounter with GM.

  6. neonian says:

    Bannination beam zomg.
    Why can’t that be real?

  7. DeadlyForce1 says:

    Totally pwned XD

    GMs FTW!!! Lets hope we get some more GMs in gMS, then everything would be good 🙂

    On a random note, anyone notice how no one hacks at Sakura Cellions????

  8. neonian says:

    Cause they’re a bunch of idiots?

  9. Jackk says:

    Too bad our bans are actually temporary instead of permanent. GMs in OMS only care about making money and temporary bans get them more money than permanent ones so… go figure. If only this comic is true eh? xD Josh, too bad I couldnt reply to your msg on msn the other day. We’ll talk some other time (Take a guess at who this is, lol).

  10. B0WJOB says:


    Watch out bro, i MIGHT pass you up one day xD
    (nothing to compete about ~_~)

    btw, I’m still interested about that GPQ
    if you think it’s gonna happen let me know =p

  11. Berrik says:

    Wowza, eyes of fire.

    *wishes the GM’s would take this type of action against hackers*

    All hackers are stupid to think it doesn’t cause any negative effects.

    It affects not just a classes reputation, but the servers and attitudes of people as well.

    Nothing bites more then losing your training space to hack users.
    Even if hackers don’t take your space it sorta is like saying its okay to damage the servers.

    *side note*
    Pokgai you emo, if you think that getting away with trojans is ok you got some major issues that will never go away.

  12. tnecca says:

    hey b0w, what you think about my custom bow? >> is the blog i created a while ago and which i asked if i could put you on its blogroll for xD Sorry dont wanna spam, keep up the good translation work =)

  13. B0WJOB says:

    Thanks, and no sry plz you not spamming 😉

  14. neonian says:

    If i were the GM, i woulda kicked his nuts, Then used the super mega bannination fire when he was on the floor, but not before the classic line “see you in hell”.

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