Quick delivery from KMS

KMS comic (from http://maplestory.nexon.com/)
released chapter 31~33 all within a week,

These chapters give an interview to 타락파워전사,
First KMS character to reach lvl 200 (KMS Khaini)

(I translate it as Fallen Power Warrior or Depraved Power Warrior)

these chapters contain lots of conversation
(since it’s interview by Ethan and Ruby)

– He (assuming) got attracted to MS because of seeing
his kids and nephews playing MS
and thought that the background of Henesys town
looks cool and started to play

– He usually plays 14~15 hours a day,
but there are times where he/she plays around 20 hrs a day.

– One reason he plays over 20 hrs
is since last July he felt competition from other rising maplers
like vc법사vc (Ranked 4th, lvl 197 Mage from “Stius”)
and 번개의신vv (Ranked 3rd, lvl 199 Archer from “Genesis”)

– He finds warrior class charismatic by its power and mass hp
( Ranged attack and sexiness, archers for the win >:D -me )

– NX outfit: designed/discussed with his family

– Guess where he hit lvl 200 ?

Perion Wild Boar


“….Maple Story is like a marathon…….”
– 타락파워전사


5 Responses to Quick delivery from KMS

  1. tnecca says:

    Kind of cool, i always wondered if Nexon (or wizet/whatever) would give the top player something cool for their devotion, and this is definitely something cool xD I wonder how someone has that much time to play though… (young age?)

  2. B0WJOB says:

    well he says he has kids. so hes not young for one.

  3. DeadlyForce1 says:

    Wow, grats to him 🙂

    And I think thats pretty cool, I guess they’ll do that for Tiger too when he hits 200? :O

  4. B0WJOB says:

    I don’t think KMS department cares about GMS department..
    at least I dont think making a comic strip (in KMS at least)
    on a GMS character would bring (korean) readers interest

  5. MuslimNinja says:

    I’m suprised his still using devil’s sunrise, lv100+ weapons are out in kms, but on a side note, since this guy has kids, im pretty sure he is much more mature then Tiger is, and he probably gets allot of respect from everyone he plays with, yet tiger has been shared by like 20 people, at least 2 people level it, so in a sense thats considered cheating, but who chares KMS>GMS. Keep doing more stuff like this Josh, its pretty cool, oh yeah I’m so close to buying a 3attack pink cape, I did mass scrolling like you did lol and 2 50 attack scarabs turned out, o well cya in game.

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