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15 Responses to GG

  1. cesar says:

    have u try kartrider (shadowsinmx) c u n tat game lol
    i play on bera u noe any 1 tat play their
    i play legit sin lvl 34 4str 25dex 4int rest luk need claw lvl 35 and 43 if u noe some tat can help me get 1 thx
    i used to play msea but they ip ban all usa and other countries for no reason

    B0WJOB’s note:
    Don’t post 4 comments at a time,
    and I don’t play Bera, why don’t you try
    Basil or ?
    and they Ip banned Usa for a reason, although
    it sucks that ppl outside of SEA region can’t play anymore

  2. DeadlyForce1 says:

    woah dude, watch your repeat posting 😛

    And LOL @ SolidSnaked, what a great time to use a Fireworks ^___^

  3. B0WJOB says:

    In Korea, Nexon had this game called BnB before
    they released KartRider, that’s the game that
    I played a lot back in 04 and (was pretty pro at it)
    KartRider came out (in Korea) when I moved to States
    and I didn’t get a chance to play it although my friends in
    Korea told me its a fun game.
    But no, I don’t play KartRider
    btw, if you spam comments next time. well.
    don’t spam. please.

    yea it was funny at first but he used like 10 fireworks
    throughout Zakum >__>

  4. Goggyfour says:

    I’ve been wondering, B0W, how the community in Khaini has been since you started going on successful zruns (has a team in Khaini started selling helms yet?). Everyone in Windia has been going through a drama meltdown as a result of one team’s short monopoly on helms (and since then two other run teams have been having successful runs). Apparently there has also been a problem due to some player’s strictly legitimate viewpoint in playing MS, and that combined with zrun problems is practically destroying the Windia board on SW (although it’s funny to watch).

    If your team hasn’t started selling helms yet, you might want to consider an alternative before your server goes through the same stresses.

  5. tnecca says:

    You can’t sell the helmets anymore, right?

  6. B0WJOB says:

    Tnecca, the Khaini Z Helm service (Z1G) is still selling helm,
    and I’m one of their new members for the run.
    this is my first successful Z1G run.
    Helms are still selling, if you are interested
    find the thread “Khaini’s Zakum Helm Services” by Xaravir
    in Khaini section on

    Goggy, from my understanding, there hasn’t been any huge problem
    with going to Z run (like how SV and Vengence are in Scania)
    from what I’ve seen, there are several runs by different group every week,
    and you will see the same people in different runs.
    Only Z1G is selling the helm atm, and because of its small community
    that everyone pretty much know/heard of each other, different runs
    have been going quite well. Not a single Zakum team has been trying
    to hog the altar or anything.
    Z1G has been selling helm since Mid-March.
    I’m not too sure what exactly is happening in Windia,
    but if you would like to share your experience
    to Khainians on about Zakum runs and maybe
    giving us advice/warn I think that’ll help us.

  7. tnecca says:

    But the picture said they are untradeable? Or is it selling as in–> people pay to pick up the helmets? In that case I get it =)

  8. Goggyfour says:

    You pay upwards of 200m to go on a zrun with a team and pick it up when they finish.

    Something similar to Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is going on in Windia, where sometimes entire guilds are being brought under fire, their legitimacy being scrapped, because their members went on hacked runs to get their helms (as a way out of paying the 200m up front). There’s also disputes within the generally respected legit community, and even more within the communities seeking to obtain helmets.

    From what I read, your server isn’t doing too bad though. There’s been some interesting things happening in the last few days, and I think zruns are tearing our entire community apart.

  9. neonian says:

    Jesus christ.
    I lag enough outside of zakum.
    If that happened in a zakum run for me, my computer would probably scream “F*CK YOU” then implode on itself, creating a black hole that would suck in the universe and end all life as we know it.

  10. Mi says:

    -blink- Wow, Josh, you have many many readers. -blinks again-

    (Oh yeah, this is Lira. :P)

  11. sukebe says:

    I need to try that sometime

  12. AznTrinity says:

    lol isn’t there two types of zakum helms? One untradeable with +15 in all stats and one tradeable with like +5 in every stats?

  13. Jackk says:

    You think windia zakum drama is bad, wait till you come to Scania. Vengeance ftl. Ive had my 3rd run crashed in 2 weeks cause of them, that being the reason Im still helmless at 127 X_X

  14. B0WJOB says:

    Server transfer to Khaini T.,T

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