let it go

I think it’s better off for me to quit…

editL just a long post explaning why i got banned
from sw.net and whatever. not that important
i should’ve just delete this post

As many of you know, I got Perm banned from sw.net
because I got mad that one of my threads got locked and I
got upset and ran around making few reports on other threads
that I had in mind that “if my thread got locked for xxx reason
these threads should get locked too”
(2 warnings for Warning Abuse)

and Warning Redemption thread by asking mods
“HEY WHY YOU LOCK ME just let me know WHY please”
which I wrote with a bold attitude with arguing
(Disrespect to Authority)

On top of that, with other warnings I’ve had (mostly spams)
I got perm banned in Mid Feb.

I just noticed Bow got banned from Sw

After a month I got perm banned,
I went to Warning Redemption section
and wrote this thread to mods in late March
(or early April)

After one week, I PMed Congee with the following msg:

Janice’s Reply

Congee applied me saying that mods are discussing
over this and it will take a while.


TheMagnolia reassured me that this is something
that will be processed.

Feeling assured after reading these 2 replies,
I waited and yet still visit sw.net every day
and log into B0WJOB to see if I get any message.

its May 21st, more than a month and a half of waiting
and I still haven’t heard a single word,
(after checking my inbox daily)
So I went to the Redemption thread again
and asked them about this.

and tonight in Sleepywood IRC channel:


“Wouldn’t it be best to not annoy them?”
When I heard that I told myself
“uh ooh this is not looking good…”


Call me a loser, but when I read this chat
I felt like…I don’t know how I feel
I really have a mixed up emotions

I feel like I’m a little bad ant that got stomped.

I didn’t expect she would be that irritated when I
mention this up.


she sounded irritated lol

I don’t mind wait for more, I can wait longer,
I went there to just ask for whats the update
and …I don’t know.

They can still work on this when they have time.
But I don’t think I’ll care that much anymore.

I really love sw.net. It’s a great forum where
I met lots of great people and gained many things
from it.

and I cant describe my feeling.

edit: sooo i just gotta wait. and dont take sw.net
that seriously. ha.


and look, I’m done with my talking.

I just want to say this to those who are active
on sw.net or those who are interested in it:

sw.net is a great places and mods are really busy
keeping up the forum running well.
But Don’t get yourself in trouble.
Be a good member and don’t cause trouble.
I guess they have tons of works to do
and imagine how those whiners/noobs/flamers
piss mods off everyday.
I guess I can understand why Congee is so irrated.
Being mod isn’t the best, relaxing job in the world
where you feel the power and all…

Take my lesson and don’t follow my footstep

I really wish to post and make threads like
other members but I don’t expect and I don’t
want and I don’t think I deserve that
privilege anymore, but you can.

don’t Cause Trouble

Watch your mouth

Dont Screw Yourself Up


Maybe I’m taking this too seriously.

^quoted for truth ^_^


24 Responses to let it go

  1. B0WJOB says:

    Look ______ if you are reading this I know what you might say
    and I know, I am a Moron. so save it for yourself
    cuz if you do . well. save it for yourself.
    even a nice guy or a stupid moron has a temper.

  2. B0WJOB says:

    did i make myself clear ? I AM A MORON.

  3. B0WJOB says:

    Funny thing is when I was writing that long letter
    I told myself when I got unbanned Ima make that donation
    $5 to sw.net cuz that forum helped me a lot but I didnt say it
    cuz it would make myself look like im bribing hahaha what the hell
    AHHHHH more time for me to go Mapling.

  4. AznTrinity says:

    I live in australia and I play in khaini and I never seem to see u on, im a lvl 51 hunter, got my inspiration from pokgai but now hes a hacker ur my idol lol

  5. oHaibaraAio says:

    Well, you tried your best to apologize and atone for what you did. Now, they’re just testing your patience. ^^

    Good luck and hope to see you on Sleepywood.net soon =]

  6. Frost says:

    Hi Im from maplesea just started a xbow of the inspiration of you. Sorry to hear that u got banned from sw.net but Im sure they will know how good is you 1 day. Cheers up and good luck on maple!

  7. neonian says:

    I actually read that whole thing.
    Well, i skipped a couple….hunred words, but i get the basic idea.
    Sleepywood moderators are an odd bunch, each person has different veiws on what deserves a warn.

    For example, when i said “I hope your idea wasn’t serious, cause if you were, I deem it fail” I got a warn from a moderator for flaming, but when i called someone a retard…nothing happened, not even a slap on the wrist.

    Seriously, dun bear yourself up, it’s not your fault you got banned….you’re no moron, you just got smacked by the wrong moderator.

  8. Zankarst/Regiiko says:

    I’m on my 6th warning and I’m kinda scared of posting more >_>;

    So maybe I’ma take a break from SWing and just lurk for a year or two.

    SW mods are so weird, as neonian said. Each has their own perspective of the rules.

  9. Zankarst/Regiiko says:

    Wow. I got temp banned just for saying “stab him?” in the burning zone.

    If I can’t attempt to be funny, then what? >_>

  10. Goggyfour says:

    There’s a lot of clutter in that message. They probably decided it was too much to read and deleted it completely. Nobody on SW wants to spend a lot of time reading about other people’s problems.

    To tell the truth I love posting stupid stuff: http://www.sleepywood.net/forum/Warn.php?do=ViewMyWarnings

    The mods simply aren’t afraid of warning anything they get a report on. I know because I report things all the time…

  11. Goggyfour says:

    Wow, lol. I don’t think I can find a link for my warnings specifically…

  12. LordUhai says:


    i’m sure you’ll be back.

    i remember when i was fighting with congee and i told her she abused her powers as an admin, next think i know, 1 warning, 40% ._.

  13. B0WJOB says:

    thanks LordUhai , I wish I have that confidence that you have

  14. B0WJOB says:

    you know, you could be right.. that is too long and annoying to read -.-

  15. Tommy says:

    No offense, but how she responded was completely immature… To be honest, I got angry while i was reading it because you constantly tried to compromise, then she calls you a loser, not to mention the other disrespect? Wow….

    I don’t think i could ever take that, lol.

    Props for the temper control.

    By the way, why don’t you just make another account? o.o

  16. B0WJOB says:

    because it’s against the rule. (perm ban)
    and i want to go back to sw.net.

  17. Congee says:

    Course, you failed to include that when you join irc, there’s a welcome message that specifically says you do not talk about your warns in irc. Yes, it is annoying when people ignore the join messages and do so anyway, especially in an environment that is not meant for those discussions. Just like on the forums, private discussions of that manner belong in private messages, not to annoy the entirety of the community (irc) with such things. I also at no point called you a loser, so there’s the misconception (from one of the comments here). None of this comment is directed towards you specifically, but to some of the comments left.

  18. Congee says:

    If you’re wondering why I comment now, it’s only because I stumbled upon this now.

  19. B0WJOB says:

    my bad Con. I took it personally at that time.
    Isn’t it hard to be a mod/person like you?
    Wasting your time and energy to write that comment
    to explain yourself (enlighten me) just because I didnt get it T.T
    its over now. i just used to picture you as a fearsome gorilla.
    or something like that.

  20. B0WJOB says:

    and btw, wow, an admin visited my lil blog O.o

  21. B0WJOB says:

    and bbtw, i never wondered why you reply this late. i didnt expect you to come in the first place. (not in a bad way !)

  22. B0WJOB says:

    I know its not allowed to talk about warnings and such on IRC channel.

    I know that.
    but my side of view was that I’ve waited day by day and
    i had no idea how much longer I had to wait after more than a month (6 weeks?)
    I know i was breaking rule and can get kicked from it but I
    knew nothing about mod’s situation (and at that time, how my case will be handled)

    I was almost convinced that my case was going to be ignored.

    so I thought going iRC was my only way.

    that was my view/situation that time. it’s over now so lets let it go hao bu hao >_>

  23. Congee says:

    Like I said, the comment wasn’t towards you, but towards the comments left because people were not aware of the irc rules and hence were not aware that discussion of warns do not belong in irc, as well as other assumptions made.

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