More than training

I say one reason why people like MS so much is the way
that people interact online (Make friends, “hang out”, BF/GF, etc)

xDobasPWNZx and Exanimate are MS BF/GF,
and Dobas is my friend.


and today,

SiayR, Stealthstoat, and I are at FM just hanging out.
I wanted to show him my brother’s character
(his nx clothing and his fashion sense compare to my nx-less ~_~)
So I told them that ima log into my brother’s character
and you guys wait here.

when I returned to FM again I saw in the chatting box
“are you B0WJOB’s brother?”
I walked closer and saw that they were talking to a girl

It would’ve been funnier if you were there to see it happend.
Poor girl xD

So we were goofing around and this lvl 1x archer came
and we started dropping ores (me), lvl 60+ archer items
(they) (armor, shoe, hat, a 5 slot Arund, and others)
for him to have ’em

and the dude kept saying “YOU GUYS ARE MAD”

I just thought what the heck, make him the lucky man today
so I traded him and gave 2 drops (that I would NPC)
a lvl70 bowman hat and lvl70 bowman shoe to him,
and us 3 continued to talk and stuff

and he traded me:

That’s so ….adorable!
He wanted to gave me 2k in return

I wouldn’t be surprised if he take the items/ores/Eos scrolls
and walk away, but hey, this guy really deserve something.

and well, he wanted to give 2k but got 18k + 5k
from us (later he wanted to give me 50k(?) I go ‘no wai’)


and by the way, did you know 5,000 meso can make a person happy ?

I saw my mule had tons of Blue Chairs
so I gave it to a guy who walked into FM on my mule,
and he was really happy.

In a way, money can buy happiness 😉


Zakum run didn’t happen today because someone (hacker mule?)
was hogging the altar… we called it off but today wasn’t a bad day =]


Stealthstoat and SiayR both scrolled
4 att 10 dex Pink Cape
4 att 8 dex Pink Cape.


11 Responses to More than training

  1. neonian says:

    Sounds like progress =3.
    I always give junk to the little peoples.
    Like saturday, i gave away a grey WG to some guy in the FM…
    Good times =]

  2. bla says:

    that line is so stupid and g’ay

  3. hehe that 1x archer must feel really happy now ^__^

    Glad to hear your not being a showboating high level like some pros do 🙂

    And i hate those hackers at Zakum Altar, like a hundred smegas go off everyday about them @__@

  4. bla says:

    open your legs and feel my power

  5. neonian says:

    You would think it’s gay….but you’d be so wrong.

  6. B0WJOB says:

    it was stupid alright, but we were having fun

  7. Tommy says:

    And I assumed I was the only one who thought what the 1x Archer did was “adorable”.


  8. xRagingHeart says:


  9. Exanimate - Anna says:


  10. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after
    browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll
    be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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