A Lesson from “CC PLZ”

A friend shared his experience of Mapling with me
and attached few screenshots with it
This sort of situation might have happened to you already
and you’ve had experience with it, or you might have
heard people encountering situations like this:


For privacy sake, let’s name our friend here “Peter”.

Peter was looking for an empty Goby map
and landed on someone’s map
and just when he was about to change channel,
he saw this in his chat box:

“How would you respond, Josh?”

From what Peter said, he doesn’t like hearing the word “cc plz”
I guess he is just really annoyed hearing that word,
and probably many people can agree on that.

So Peter went back to his channel and left this message.


The story could’ve ended here, and everyone just move on.
But then:

Peter told me that whisper pissed him off.
He said he wanted to do something to teach him a lesson,
like KS the dude or something (Peter is a high level Mapler)

But then he did something else:

One word that came to my mind about Peter’s reaction is “being soft”
But he told me that by saying that, he got to hear the other side’s
point of view (“No time to type full sentence”…etc)
Which Peter apologized and reconciled with the dude.
Everyone moved on with no holding grudge or any damage made.


My friend told me he was annoyed at first by hearing one of the most
overly used term in the game “cc plz”,
then he was upset by the “grow up” comment,
however, seeing how the conversation turned out in the last
screenshot, I wonder,

Would life be easier if we swallow our pride and take a step back?


Whatever it is, I’m glad to hear that Peter didn’t end up going to KS
him or respond in a negative way.
From what he told me and what I see by the SS,
seems like everyone had an happy ending.

This reminds me of a quote:

“A gentle answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Proverb 15:1)



9 Responses to A Lesson from “CC PLZ”

  1. I posted my own rant about CC Plz a little while ago, I should have probably let it go before it got so out of hand like it did, but still, a lesson well learned B0W.

  2. Goggyfour says:

    I’m a little ambivalent on the word’s usage. I feel if partying were encouraged more, or if more maps were added that would disperse the now full goby maps there would be less frustration caused by it.

    I don’t know. A sniper came into my goby map last night right when I was about to sign off, and without clearing it she assumed the top was hers (multiple players in a map cause goby problems, so there’s a legit reason for a ccplz). I said nothing, but made myself apparent to her by floating around a while in the upper portions. I stopped killing for around 17 minutes, until she finally came down to kill the bottom, when, frustrated, I told her she should ask if she wanted the map. She left in a shrug, but I mean…players should at least show a little courtesy.

    It’s as if people spite legit players more than hackers, when they can do nothing about the hackers, but become furious to someone innocently wishing to train on their own.

    I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate here, but I am saying that there’s two sides to this, both equally important (even though I’d still side with your friend; the other guy sounds like a dunce).

  3. B0WJOB says:

    your 3rd paragraph sounds like Sigmund Freud’s Displacement to me.
    which makes sense.

  4. neonian says:

    I just mist the whole map then CC.
    That’ll teach those bastards to order me around.

  5. Falk says:

    I do get annoyed when people suddenly spit the phrase when I show up on the channel.. but i do respect people training on the map.

    For me, someone saying “cc plz” right away is so much better than trying to feel the intentions of someone who just entered a channel or someone who is already on the channel that doesn’t even utter a phrase.. [not even emoticons] and people speaking up is a lot better than like what Goggyfour said, people who make assumptions without asking.

    When people suddenly show up in my channel and then start killing stuff I do emticons and then ask them what they want and then tell them I’m training on that channel. But we know some people are just hard core trainers they can’t just stop and type a few words.

    the thing is Maplers need to more of verbal communication when it comes to maps and training spots.. xD

    (lol I phail at organizing my words.. T.T)

  6. neonian says:

    Fp’s may rocket up in levels, and be Ksing machines.
    But the average 8x FP spends almost 10mil a day.

  7. Mr Stealth says:

    Whenever someone types like a nine year old I lose all respect for that person, you can build the respect back up, but it still annoys the hell out of me.

    However I do agree that one should learn to swallow his pride, or even better, just leave your ego at home.

  8. FlameDevii / Will says:

    Alot of you are more mature than most people… 0.0 Sucking up your pride is one heck of a hard thing to do… Heh…

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