June 16, 2007

I’m going to train hard and grind… real life 😉



I’m slow with this, Pokgai has several projects in his hand…
check it out if you are interested



few shots I took yesterday that i finised photoshop processing







A second chance

June 14, 2007

I can’t believe it.

I am unbanned from

The mods gave me a second chance.

june….it finally happened. I thought i was forgotten.

thank you.

edit: took a nap , relogged and saw this:


my Pm to mod:

Greetings TheMagnolia.
On 6/14/07 I logged in to B0WJOB and found myself
got unbanned. With great joy I started to make some posts and participated into some forum discussion
that i have been wanting to do so in the last 4 months.

now when I logged again I saw this message:


I don’t understand, did one of my posts violated forum rules that i got warned and got banned ?
or is there something more to it ?

I am confused right now,
and I would thank you very much if you could let me know.



shes fast o.o

[QUOTE=TheMagnolia]You shouldn’t be having any troubles logging in.  I’m on sporatically so I can’t really investigate right now.  But I will leave a message with Adura to look into it.

Slow down

June 13, 2007

Let’s relax on leveling.   =]

Top Weapons in MapleSea

June 10, 2007

saw this thread on butterfli’s account’s signature.

Maple Eye Candy ❤

Ch 18 – World Tour (Pt.3/3)

June 9, 2007

The final chapter of the World Tour series

Drawn by Hook, interpreted by me.

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Scanian Archers:

June 9, 2007

I found this character while updating the Legendary Bowman Item list:


I assume Dragon Shinebow is relatively common in Scania?

TMS getting 4th job

June 7, 2007

in 18 days

“comin soon – pros hurry and get job change first !”
“coming soon – to be the new era’s hero!!!”

a link from TMS website where you can look into some SS

from the new map (the Mall)