Ch 18 – World Tour (Pt.3/3)

The final chapter of the World Tour series

Drawn by Hook, interpreted by me.


4 Responses to Ch 18 – World Tour (Pt.3/3)

  1. hehe, someones excited to be touring 🙂 Another great comic.

  2. B0WJOB says:

    really ? i thought it’s boring since it’s mostly information
    instead of story line (thats one reason why it took so long for me
    to actually get the translation done)

    but hey, glad that you enjoyed it =p

  3. batcave says:

    agrees with b0w … very boring … rawr show us ethan advancing or levelling next time b0w the are is still pretty damn good though 😛

  4. B0WJOB says:

    ima try to find an interesting one.
    many of them are all informative
    like how to prevent getting “hacked” or
    why is going to illegal website is bad and blah blah
    lets be a good kid and have fun mapling kind of stuff =/

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