Scanian Archers:

I found this character while updating the Legendary Bowman Item list:


I assume Dragon Shinebow is relatively common in Scania?


15 Responses to Scanian Archers:

  1. AznTrinity says:

    i saw the lvl 100 crossbow equiped by the person ranked 5th on mardia

  2. XBish says:

    check me in windia or another lv 100 xbow

  3. B0WJOB says:

    there is a lvl 100 Crossbow in Khaini too, I haven’t seen Dragon Shine Bow yet…

  4. AznTrinity says:

    jokers2edge in bera also has a dragon shinebow

  5. AznTrinity says:

    Abba26 has the lvl 110 crossbow while firegreen has the lvl 110 bow both in broa, i fink they all get from gachapon

  6. It doesn’t really matter, thanks to Gachapon, almost all of those items are getting to be pretty common, but yes, they are more common in Scania, although there still going for pretty high prices ATM.

  7. aznZephyr says:

    I haven’t been on in so long

  8. Goggyfour says:

    That thing is bigger than he is. I don’t believe the gash weapons are common on any server.

  9. Jackk says:

    Josh, I think there are 2-3 of those out? I know Yunaa has one as well, Then again, Silverbg is kinda known for being a harsh gacher who gaches A LOT like… everyday? something like that. Get ready for this Josh: There’s a 105 attack CLEAN Dragon Shinerbow in Scania (Yes, perfect attack) D=

  10. B0WJOB says:

    looking forward to hear how the scrolling result for that 105 att clean bow =O
    and GG to Silverbg Gacha everyday -.-
    105 man… even a 7 60% = 119 att Dx

  11. B0WJOB says:

    Haha, Jack, you killed Ayane on your 62th post on her 120 video thread.
    yet she/he never gave response to your comment, i wonder whyyyyy

  12. Jackk says:

    LoL, that thread’s getting out of hand D= THough she hasnt responded since I posted up my 120 vid with my dmg in it for her to observe. She talks about bubbowtea being the strongest archer he/she knows, but at 120, we compared as so

    His 103/2 bow to my 103/1
    His 11 atk wg to my 10 atk 3 dex 1 str garner
    His 25 dex overall to my 23 dex overall
    12 stat shoes vs 12 stat shoes (2/10 vs 3/9)
    His Z-helm to my 6 dex dark arlic
    My 9 dex ic 2 to his 8 dex ic 2

    Looks like he/she has nothing to say, lol. Ive been waiting 2 days for a response =O

    Anyways, good luck with lvling and hurry up and make this 130 video already.

  13. B0WJOB says:

    bandwidth limit … 200 MB bandwidth left ;___;

  14. regiiko says:

    Hi nib :3

  15. silverbg2 says:

    DUDE LOL I HAVE always been a fan of cool to beo n your site

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