Reasons to Love [Translated]

July 31, 2007

Following by July 26th, 2007’s blog entry,
I translated the outline of the story.
Hope after reading the translation,
You’ll get a grip what the story is about.
And as you watch the flash movie,
hope it’ll touch you the same way as it touched me

gah I sound so poetic


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[Event] Win 5 Mil Mesos [Khaini]

July 30, 2007


urbanways wins that 5 mil meso
(If he has a Khaini character which
you’ll probably just make a mule >:3)
I added you on MSN.
e-mail or contact me tell me how to send that meso to you =p

Momentum Missile Mayhem (Armageddon Mode)


I challenge you to beat my number of
Kills (731) and Overall Score (68791) in Armageddon Mode

First person to post a complete screenshot of highest score wins
(If the winner plays Khaini,
I’ll send 5,000,000 Mesos to your character.)
And for the fun’s sake, stay honest and no photoshopped SS plz 😀

It’s a fun game, try it :p




Rules for toping my record:

1. No photoshop/Fake screen shot
2. Must beat both the Kills and Scrores in Armageddon mode
3. Post a FULL screen shot (that shows your browser, like my 3rd pic)
4. The first winner (first person to post SS of beating my record) wins
5. 5,000,000 Meso winner must meet both requirements:

a. Highest score

b. Has a Khaini character

Try and beat this record, or go back training or something :p


July 29, 2007

Welcome back, Chris ;___;

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A Love Story (Chinese)

July 26, 2007

Saw this nice Maple flash movie, unfortunately it’s in Chinese.
But for those who can understand it… I think you’ll find this touching

*if you can’t read Chinese I suggest you not to watch it.
You won’t enjoy fully as we do :[

Love Story

Long and arduous translating is on its way. stay tuned.

its so good i think you should understand the story ;__;

Maple Story on Fox News

July 26, 2007

Patch 0.40 


July 19, 2007


July 18, 2007