Beauner and MutantGuitar saved my blog

You are right. its 2 different things.
I won’t delete this blog. but I quit the other one.
It’s not worth it to waste my energy and time with people like them anymore

Plus, I’m nothing but a waste in that place.

Check out Khaini Pro, lvl 140 DK s7ev3n’s blog.


A nice little animation that made me felt 😦 after watching it



I’m sorry guys.
Basically what happened was ..
You know i was unbanned a month ago on
but got re-banned within the same day?
I thought it was a mistake (probably is)
and I believed my status is actually “legit” on,
and I logged into my friend’s account making posts
while waiting for my B0WJOB account to be unbanned

But yesterday I found that my actions caused my friend,
JonXUS7’s account permanently banned because I used it.
I felt terrible because of this.
Moreover, the dude who banned him made comment
(on the warning) just made me felt like shit.

You’re a complete idiot B0wjob. Also redemping your warning, and complaining at a blogspot. And then logging in on the same IP?, not as smart eh? :p (Matsy)
Maybe hes right or not, but i felt like I dont need to waste
my energy time and effort on and my blog
just to trade some negative impression from mods
and shits from them that kills my self esteem.
I was almost there to delete my B0WJOB account as well.

I decided to shut down this blog and quit for good.
(I love I really wanted to participate there)
But Beauner and MutantGuitar (and s7ev3n too in game)
made me changed my mind so i’m keeping this blog.

whatever. seriously, whatever.

and that “a second chance” is a complaining?
i was only fricking pointing out that i was banned again
(even a mod said it shouldnt happen) and I was just saying
IM WAITING FOR IT and you call that complaining.

YOU tell me, am I really complaining?
am I a moron who’s not seeing something here?
and I’m really sorry. JonXUS7. I was addicted to sleepywood.

that might explain something.

and dont no one ever fucking come here and drop some
comments that has no basic sense of respect to others.
I do my best to respect everyone whether in game or the community,
if you disrespect me, treating me like shit and i’ll do the same.
…unless you think I dont deserve any level of respect at all

If you see where/what I did wrong, please point it out.
I probably didnt see some things that you see…


17 Responses to Beauner and MutantGuitar saved my blog

  1. neonian says:

    We still love you B0W.
    Sleepywood is full of whiners and dipshits so why would you want to go back?

  2. B0WJOB says:

    Well in the eyes of some mods I’m whiner myself.
    (read JonXUS7 warning)

    ILY too Neonian T_T

  3. neonian says:

    In the eyes of some people i’m a hacker.
    Dun make it true.

  4. Tnecca says:

    What other one?

  5. Yea, what other blog??? Confused :S

    Anyways, DON’T LEAVE! I’m not even half your lvl yet 😦

  6. Goggyfour says:

    Am I the only one in the dark about what’s going on here?

  7. mutantguitar says:

    i’m glad you came to your senses, B0W. don’t let those mods get under your skin. it’s just the internet.

    B0WJOB:Thank you my friend

  8. Those mods at are pretty ruthless, I’ve been banned for saying that Windows Vista was incapable of running MS (to my knowledge)

    B0WJOB: How the hell is that a warn-able offense ?! >:O

  9. neonian says:

    I kinda figured WoBJustice was you B0W, when you said that thingey about the arund i said i’d give you (Which i accidentally NPC’d right before i came to find you) In my quitting thread.
    (And yes i will find a new one T-T)

  10. lol, thats what I’d like to know B0W >_

  11. B0WJOB says:

    lol i told u its ok Neonian >:D

  12. Jackovitch2 says:

    B0WJOB i have a question wil u come back to ms?

  13. Yuki. says:

    b0wjob, im from jms and i was ip banned from this was the only jms forum out, and i was addicted to it, but as time went by i thought to myself, whats so special about it? its not like not reading the forums will kill me.

    As time go by youll soon realise how stupid it was to be so addicted to the forum. 🙂

  14. B0WJOB says:

    I’m “back” Jack. I was in Taiwan for 10 days
    and thanks a lot for your words Yuki T_T

  15. Max says:

    I really’ve been missing you Josh, I came backt o MS on “Macksi” I’m sorry to hear what happened, I really am. The sleepywood mods are doing a terrible job and are, in my eyes, bullies. I’ll see you soon bro, ❤

  16. neonian says:

    He’s right, some of the mods are dicks.

  17. Urban says:

    Hey B0WJOB its my first time to your blog but ive read basically all of your blog sessions already and i don’t see where you did anything wrong. This is what i meant when i told my friends that some MS places just don’t have a good atmosphere but once again i support you all the way even though i might not mean much.

    your new fan

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