A look into the past

While my friend JonXUS7 was making a B0WJOB 120 video,
I wanted to make one myself as well.
It never happened, only left with a 25% of the concept.

It’s a flashback. Relax and enjoy the video.

“The Blood of Cuchulainn”
Composed by Jeff and Mychael Danna

Comment from Goggyfour , amazing person.

Okay, upon first viewing I love the song. Make sure you credit that song, as it almost exactly captures the feeling of being an archer. The song is amazingly powerful in terms of emotive response you can get, and it’s epic (perfect for 120) so good choice there.

Now in relation to what you do with the music, you’re using techniques fairly reminiscent of what Retalion was using in his 120 movie. That’s not necessarily a good thing, because you want people to be able to differentiate your experiences from Retalions (and possibly other archers who’ve made 120 movies).

So for my critique I’m going to focus on some of the items below

Screenshots and footage
Transitions and editing
Identify flashbacks

Screenshots and footage. Try not to make everything in the first part a screenshot, and then go straight to footage. This is what I meant by things looking exactly as Retalion’s movie. If you want you can go on SW and look at my comments to see what I did with Retalion’s vid, but that might not help much, as you didn’t really write and compose your own music =/ I’ll give you some advice for what you can do that Ret. didn’t, but make sure you give it some of whatever you think you want your movie to be about (action, drama, etc). Make sure you choose the very best screenshots, and the very best footage possible (some of your screenshots from the clip you gave me probably aren’t needed). I noticed that some of the parts were a bit bland; showing the effects of the Amoria hair quest yields no personal interest for me…it just isn’t epic enough to have any effect on any journey. Remember that since you’ve always been in the same guild, it’s very possible to go back and buy some 15-40 armor and recreate some of your experiences, and that’s perfectly understandable (you don’t always have the Duchenne smile of footage, nor is it always available when you want it; just remember that it’s what people are looking for). The most powerful footage you can possibly get are your beginnings in Victoria island (some of the best scenery available) and for some reason I’ve found that Boat rides (esp. to Orbis) seem to go with epic music in my own filming experience. If you can find footage that isn’t bland when played with the music then use it.

Transitions and editing. Some of your transitions sucked. Sorry to say, but you’re not trying to be pretentious, and being genuine is a more honorable goal. For that reason I usually feel that (in my own opinion) showy transitions should be left to amateurs. Fade in and out with black is just fine (white if you can pull it off). I sort of noticed what you were doing with the cube roll transition (where the music changes pace), and I suppose that okay. I also noticed that your first few screenshots jumped to the beat. I’m not sure if you meant that intentional or not. Overall a pretty good job from what I saw. Zoom-ins, especially on cleaner screenshots (close out everything including chat, map, and quickbar) might be okay. Your choice.

Identify flashbacks. Okay, this is a pretty new technique that I’ve found needs to be used more often on these type of videos. Try to keep lettering to a minimum, and use effects to imply flashback (zoom ins and greyscale screens and footage imply flashback). Never say “Let me take a trip down memory Lane” because I will be sure to deny that request and simply skip to the next part of the movie. In some ways a movie is a composition, not of letters but of pictures, and you use those pictures to designate all the aspects you would use if you were writing. Same with music. Same with almost all the arts. The difference is that directors tend to just throw everything in so that they don’t miss anything. Identify your focus and focus until it is clear what you wanted to say. There is always more than one way to focus on something, but choosing the correct way with respect to a (probably) idiotic audience is what makes a good director. Darn, I just dashed my dreams of making a professional quality maple film. Crap. Again, you might want to read what I said about Retalions movie if you want to go through with the flashback thing.

Flags. Nobody has ever been able to identify a clear picture of what exactly their experiences are. The details in describing such a massive concept would encompass hundreds of books (where people believe they can write a paragraph on it and be fine). You need to figure out what makes your experience different. I suggest you use some flags (guild flags and server flags). I know, I know, I wrote a whole article on the pride thing. That doesn’t mean you don’t have pride for something. Nobody is exempt from that. It’s also nice to identify experiences in relation to someone elses. Not a lot of people know you’re from Khaini, and in that case why should they care? Show them why. The case follows for your guild. If it’s a journey, then describe what makes it so (one of the aspects that Retalion fell back on).

Credits. Just a reminder. Make sure you give credit where it’s due, and only where it’s due. You don’t have to make credits 1/4th of the movie length, where a good 1/32 will do fine. Make sure you identify that music :@ omg I love it.

Finally, do get creative. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something good on SW. lol

Good luck (I told you I was excited for this movie to come out. I’ll be waiting as always).


3 Responses to A look into the past

  1. DAAAAAAAAAMN! That is a sick vid! I love the music, I’m downloading now 🙂 Good work, it probably would’ve turned out really well, but even so, I like both of them. Your lucky you know such great vid makers man, I want a vid like that for when I hit 70 ^___^

  2. Goggyfour says:

    It’s a shame it wasn’t finished D:

  3. SoloWingPixy says:

    yeah i would love to see it finished too

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