GMS #1 Ranger

Ooll7021oO reaching the number one ranger in GMS
single-handedly. No account share, all from one person.

Gratz to Ooll7021oO on becoming #1 ranked bowman on GMS


8 Responses to GMS #1 Ranger

  1. Congrats to him! Didn’t think anyone would pass LightOne anytime soon, guess I was wrong 🙂


  2. Jackk says:

    I predicted this. I said by the end of last week, we’ll have a new no. 1 archer D=

    As well, gratz to Anarii for passing Saifuae (not sure when that was but… yeah)

    Josh, visit my blog some time, I have some %/hr info for you for lvls 26-35, lol.

    As well, I look forward to the completion of your 120 video, as the intro has potential ^^

    Ps. Show up on msn more often. I havent had the chance to talk to you since the whole Retalion incident. I keep looking for you but never find you on msn D=

  3. Goggyfour says:

    Seems like a lot of work. I’d hate to go 41 levels into my 4th job without actually having the skills.

  4. mutantguitar says:

    yay, someone finally beat lightone. for being an account sharer, he certainly is cocky.

  5. Jackk says:

    Erm Josh, what happened to him…OOll7021OO… He’s not on rankings anymore when I went to check myself…Lightone’s no. 1 again (Oh noes) >=(

    Oh well, least we all know Anarii’ll pass him soon.

  6. complete stranger says:

    who cares about anarii

  7. complete stranger says:

    Ooll7021oO IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Along with DopeTurtles lawl XD.

  8. Excellent work buddy, continue the good work.

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