How to deal with assholes in PQ

This story has been passed around on Basil, SW and probably other forums.

Whoever did this was totally awesome

Okay, so here’s my story.

Earlier today I was Ludi pqing just for the hell of it; training had gotten a tad bit tiresome, and I wanted to do something to keep myself somewhat interested for a few moments more. So, I hopped on over to Ludi, headed to Eos, and created my own party to lead during the PQ.

About ten minutes later, I had myself a full party pqers, and we were ready to go. Luckily for us, one of the member had a Crack track right off the bat, and soon we were inside, ready to go.Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

It seems that no matter how pleasant, no matter how good a party seems at first, there’s ALWAYS that on arrogant jerk who decides to screw everything up for everyone else. The arrogant jerk in this case came in the form of a level 45, funded sin. Normally I don’t sterotype the sin class that much, but there’s something about the obnoxious funded ones that always put me on guard. We completed the first stage with no problem, causing me to think “Hey, maybe this pq won’t be so bad after all.”

Man was I wrong.

Starting at the second stage, the sin I previously mentioned turned out to be a complete jerk. This was a guy who started arguements for no good reason at all; Insulting several of our members, stealing portals, refusing to drop passes, and basically doing other things that would make anyone cry out in frustration.

Despite him and his increasingly idiotic behavior, the party pressed on and we made it to the 8th stage. The sin originally claimed one, even though he did not make it there first. He refused to move for about five minutes, before finally deciding that if he couldn’t have 1, he wasn’t going to do it at all. So, after a moment or two of more arguing, he hopped off, went to the corner, and refused to budge, forcing me to take up his place so we could continue with the pq.

Now’s the part where he just pushed the word jerk to a new level.

At this point he began to outright insult the party for no reason at all, tellingus that I (the leader) wouldn’t kick him anyway, because they were so close to completing. As much as I did want to kick him at that point, I realized that we were indeed close to finishing, and didn’t want our efforts to go to waste….besides, kicking him out now would be letting him off easy. So we keep going on, trying to combinations, not gettin em right and all, while he continues to berate us at every turn. Finally, I guess he felt the need to show-off some more, so he climbed the ladder, went to the furthest side away from us, and began to drop his stars. A couple of tobis, some steelies, and an illbi popped out while he F2’s at us, thinking he was safely out of harms way.

At this point, I saw my opputunity to get back at him, and went for it.

After saying a silent apology to my team, I waited for him to drop all his stars again (especially the illbis) then quickly clicked the exit NPC, booting us out and leaving his steelies, tobis, and illbi to rot in the hell known as stage 8.

Shortly after exiting, he promptly defamed me and logged off; I assume he went to go mope about his loss somewhere quiet. My dropped fame was the least of my cares at that moment. I realized what I did was a little harsh, but the guy deserved it for being a complete jerk for no reason.

Am I going to hell?

Are you going to hell? dude, you SENT that lil punk to hell,
almost everyone applauds to what you did.

Man, I wish I know who this guy is.
Even if he plays another server i’d make a lvl 15 character
and fame him just for what he did xD


11 Responses to How to deal with assholes in PQ

  1. neonian says:

    Lol, Wiibrowser is what i use to surf the net XD.
    He’s not a person.

  2. wtfpwned says:

    I read a similar story like this about a year ago except that a funded sin did the same thing in the kerning pq…

  3. hehehe, that is awesome 🙂 I read this awhile back (2-3 weeks) on Basil, I think as well, can’t remember.

    That is the REAL way to deal with those retards in PQ. 🙂 Good work dude!

  4. Steven says:

    lol this is the 1st time i read this
    That sin got owned bad.

  5. Eso says:

    This is why I love you….
    Don’t feel bad, he had it coming.

  6. Venom747 says:

    this…. this story made my day. i’m glad some1 taught them a lesson and treated them how they should be treated!

  7. r1ggZ says:

    That idiot deserved it. That’s why I don’t LPQ. It’s soo hard to get in, and it’s soo hard to get nice, honest people to get in your party.

  8. B0WJOB says:

    Yeah. I Ludi PQ my way from 35 to 51.
    It’s not uncommon to be pissed off by some jerks >:l

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