A Love Story (Chinese)

Saw this nice Maple flash movie, unfortunately it’s in Chinese.
But for those who can understand it… I think you’ll find this touching

*if you can’t read Chinese I suggest you not to watch it.
You won’t enjoy fully as we do :[

Love Story

Long and arduous translating is on its way. stay tuned.

its so good i think you should understand the story ;__;


2 Responses to A Love Story (Chinese)

  1. TimeMaverick says:

    I saw this a while ago, and it really moved me. It still moves me now 😀
    Great post =)
    Someone should translate it into English.

  2. […] to Love [Translated] Following by July 26th, 2007’s blog entry, I translated the outline of the story. Hope after reading the translation, You’ll get a grip […]

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