Welcome back, Chris ;___;


Case closed.


13 Responses to Ooll7021oO

  1. allanbatman says:

    lol wat happpned to him? i saw him off the rankings and back 0_o

  2. AznTrinity says:


  3. B0WJOB says:

    We don’t know.
    Right after patch 0.40 we found that he was banned and was removed from ranking.

    He did mention that “he’s happy that he can go to bed early”
    when his character was banned =p

  4. allanbatman says:

    lol soo he hacked or wat?

  5. B0WJOB says:

    If he hacked, Nexon wouldn’t unban him.
    Like i said, we don’t know what happened.
    My guess is Nexon made a mistake.
    and no. He doesn’t hack.

  6. allanbatman says:

    o ok…..he neva said wat happened?

  7. allanbatman says:

    ok xD ty………

    p.s. yes i know im very curious

  8. B0WJOB says:

    I was very curious too =p

    Case Number: Date/Time Opened:
    00015046 7/27/2007 7:22 PM
    Category: Date/Time Closed:
    Account Related
    Sub-Category: Status:
    Banning / Suspension Inquiry New
    An Inquiry on Ooll7021oO
    Greetings Nexon staff.

    First off, I would want to say a big THANK YOU to the people
    who have been working hard for months to improve this game.

    Over the past few months some dramatic changes HAVE been made
    (As Mr. NXJoeW promised)
    Hacking problems have decreased GREATLY,
    and new maps/monsters/items/ have been out which enhanced
    the fun of gaming environment.
    (Along with other works that hasnt been mentioned)

    Ooll7021oO is found removed from the ranking and Permanently banned.
    He is/was #1 Khaini player and #1 GMS Bowman

    As people around him and his friends are waiting for a reply (or evidence of hacking), although this can’t stand as a proof, but I would want to point out that

    he is a lvl 16x character who spent most of the time (in game) training.
    He can be seen in Aqua road (Goby/Squid) and always partying
    with his guildmate. ExtremeBeast is one of the all time party member.

    I just want to say that for a character with that level,
    it is quite difficult to go hacking WITHOUT letting people seeing he hack.
    (and I do hope you understand why I say that)

    He has put a tremendous amount of time and work into this game.
    and I mean, TREMENDOUS. It probably takes over 120 hours to gain a level
    at his level. I just wish you to understand this is something that Ooll7021oO
    has put a LOT of time for.

    I could (and wish) to go more in detail,
    But I know you receive tons of messages from Maplers everyday,
    and some of them probably give you stress.

    If there’s evidence of hacking, please show us.
    I know NXJoeW has posted clips of people who hack
    (and later post on sleepywood.net or other forums that they are WRONGFULLY BANNED)
    if you have such clips of Ooll7021oO, please, show us.

    And please excuse any of my rudeness in this message.

    thank you for your time reading this.



    they havent replied it but WHO CARES NOW >:D

  9. allanbatman says:

    lol………u sent that?

  10. B0WJOB says:

    he said he had no idea.
    and Nexon didn’t contact him after the unban or anything

  11. allanbatman says:

    lol he has no idea?!? lol why he said at least i can sleep early?

  12. B0WJOB says:

    because he didn’t have to train for hours at night and go to bed around 1 am
    because his account was suspended

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