[Event] Win 5 Mil Mesos [Khaini]


urbanways wins that 5 mil meso
(If he has a Khaini character which
you’ll probably just make a mule >:3)
I added you on MSN.
e-mail or contact me tell me how to send that meso to you =p

Momentum Missile Mayhem (Armageddon Mode)


I challenge you to beat my number of
Kills (731) and Overall Score (68791) in Armageddon Mode

First person to post a complete screenshot of highest score wins
(If the winner plays Khaini,
I’ll send 5,000,000 Mesos to your character.)
And for the fun’s sake, stay honest and no photoshopped SS plz 😀

It’s a fun game, try it :p




Rules for toping my record:

1. No photoshop/Fake screen shot
2. Must beat both the Kills and Scrores in Armageddon mode
3. Post a FULL screen shot (that shows your browser, like my 3rd pic)
4. The first winner (first person to post SS of beating my record) wins
5. 5,000,000 Meso winner must meet both requirements:

a. Highest score

b. Has a Khaini character

Try and beat this record, or go back training or something :p


7 Responses to [Event] Win 5 Mil Mesos [Khaini]

  1. urbanways says:

    um i got really curious lol and then i littereally got hooked to this game… LOL really fun ^^

  2. urbanways says:

    ops sorry gotta double post ^^ um can you contact me on MSN if i win? ill be checking in daily to see if i win but its easier than finding me on MS beforehand ^^ also i gotta make a mule in Khaini before you can gimme the gold if i win ty.

    MSN – Tommy_1391@hotmail.com

  3. B0WJOB says:

    haha I thought you’d enjoy it.

    by the end of Aug, 05, 2007, your score is the highest
    we can meet up in game and i’ll hand over the mesos
    (or I can send it through Duey)

    I’ll add you on MSN, although I don’t get on very often

  4. urbanways says:

    o lol thats fine i wasnt really in it for the Meso mostly for the game lol itself. am i allowed to submit even higher scores if i manage to get them?

  5. DeadlyForce1 says:

    YAY B0W SEARCHES NEWGROUNDS! My NG profile, try playing some of my games and getting high scores (points to Sickness! Final Version ^__^)

    ahem. . . .http://games-and-gigs.newgrounds.com – Enjoy! And vote 5!

  6. B0WJOB says:

    I’ll go check it out tomorrow…i just finished updating that stupid %/hr thread
    and im so tired =_=

  7. hehe, alright, nighty night B0W 🙂

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