My First GMS Char / You in your lvl 27

August 30, 2007

So I was digging my old screenshots and I saw this:

lvl 27 B0WJOB, total mesos: 14.3k

(Dropping my Soul Singer for fun.
I was so scared when I dropped it/reloot)
I think this is quite an accomplishment from being unfunded
to a point where I had almost 500 mil in meso. 🙂


Random Thought: Khaini Rangers

August 30, 2007

Life sure moves on. Several old rangers go inactive while
the new one comes and stay ahead of the game.

it’s like that one Chinese saying: 长江后浪推前浪

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A 450k Story

August 21, 2007

As I was looking for bow scrolls in FM entrance,
I got a trade request from McLeod23.
I accepted the trade, and after few compliments
about my character, he started ask me for money.
Not just “meso plz”, but he asked for 450k.

Thinking “Ugh not another guy asking for free stuff =/”,
I put on 20 Ice Cream Pop and let him had it.

(There were more talking but this is the short version;
he was saying he’s poor and he wants to buy attack pot and such)

Few minutes later, he traded me again:



Instantly I thought to myself “this guy is not just regular
low’er’ level asking for free items. (Other wise he wouldn’t trade me twice).
Didn’t take what he said seriously (about giving away his stuff)
But he got the meso he wanted.


As the story goes on, somehow we were talking
and he was telling me that he’s going to spend his last day
by taking that Pineapple Chew (+Att) and do some dmg
at Ant Tunnel. He asked me if I wanted to watch.
(I was at Ludi)
I agreed and traveled from Ludi to Victoria Island.

We had some good talk and I got to know him better



After getting DC’ed on ship 3 times, I bought VIP Teleport rock
and headed straight to his map because I felt bad for him waiting =/


So there he was, a lvl 4x Theif going to enjoy his last moment in MS.


When his attack potion ran out, (told me max dmg was 888)
He traded me and really stripped naked and gave me all his equipments.

Clean Maple Claw, 3 Stars, and his armors which are bought from NPC.




Those items don’t really worth much to me.

But after this incident,

I was thinking..

If I deny his second trade and moved on,
I would miss this opportunity to get to know this dude
and (to some level) become friends.

I don’t know…


This is the story that I “bought” with 450k.

And I think there’s something behind it
that I can’t articulate at the moment.




B0WJOB’s lvl 130 Ranger Video: Released


KMS Comic: Chapter 43 – Wedding

August 19, 2007

I said before that this series is about information on Amoria wedding
and how it works (coupons, invitation, wedding hall, etc).

(Pretty much it’s like a “Noob’s guide to Amoria Wedding)|

But since I heard some people still want to read it,

Here’s part 1

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Requesting: KMS Comic

August 18, 2007

For some reason KMS website can’t load properly on my laptop.
I want to have the 3 chapters on Amoria
and if they are interesting enough I’ll translate them

Could someone help me get those 3 comics please?

I believe they are chapter 46,47,48.


ps. B> Clean Arunds Metus and Nisrock D:


thanks No Body for showing the direct link to KMS comic,
but as I said before, it doesn’t load on my laptop.
This is what my laptop shows:




THANKS Moofey !
The links work, I’ll save them on my laptop and translate in the future 😀


oh gosh. Ch46,47,48 (Amoria wedding) is JUST explaining what Amoria wedding system is -.-
(Crush Ring, wedding coupon, the priest (does the wedding), the effect of the ring…etc)

you guys still want it to be translated or do you prefer
something else with ACTUAL story line ?

Best Arund in GMS ?

August 15, 2007

Saw this on Basil,
Added on Legendary Equip page

Fire Arund: 115 Att, 5 Dex
(Base 88, SoAd400, Scania)


*this post shows how outdated Legendary Equip thread is -_-

Best MMORPG (Can you handle this?!)

August 13, 2007

Saw this pic somewhere…

I gotta say, THIS is the ultimate MMORPG

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