KMS Ch.40 (Part 1)

After reading this series’ of KMS comic,
I thought those of you (KMS Comic readers)
would be interested to see new development
between Ruby and Ethan



Part 1 was uploaded on 7:55 am PST.
Part 2 will be released around 24 hours later.


9 Responses to KMS Ch.40 (Part 1)

  1. Tnecca says:

    Hey how come theyre that strong all of the sudden.. went 100 levels up?

  2. B0WJOB says:

    well SHE’s not that strong… there’s something about Ethan

    *cliff hanger :O

  3. xmomox says:

    they need to get NX. :[ xd

  4. LOL the girl is a spearman yet she’s wearing the level 0 equips 😛

    And yea, they look. . . . .bad XD

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  6. Matt~ says:


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