Final chapter – Ethan’s Fate

edit: sorry for the wording that brought confusion,
But i mean ‘final chapter’ as the final chapeter
of the this little storyline of (ch 40 and 41).
I mean a final conclusion of this…lil story on Ruby discover
all the bad things Ethans did .___.

For those who enjoyed KMS comic series and especially the last
two chapters (ch 40 and 41), I’m guessing you might
be wondering what happened to our young, naive, kind,
energetic, and noobish archer, Ethan.

Could Hook (the person who made this comics)
decide to change the storyline and reveal Ethan’s
true identity…or …. ?

If you are reading this, this post is only a small teaser
of showing you one ‘scene’ from Ch 42 (Part 3),
which concludes and explains what everything is about.

I’ll spend time to do some editing and translate the last chapter
and will upload it before this weekend, so stay tuned ^_^

So there’s a huge typhoon in Hong Kong
and I’m bored… why dont we get creative and fill in the blank :p






you can get creative too ^_^


5 Responses to Final chapter – Ethan’s Fate

  1. B0WJOB says:

    Hey Basil users, I was only joking around,
    dont take it seriously and get a heart attack x3

  2. Moofey says:

    So I herd u leik mudkipz? lole

    I still think he got teh hax0r’d.

  3. ThatGuy says:

    Over already?! I thought there was the Amoria Wedding comics after this…….
    OH NO D;! If this is seriously the end, well, I’m gonna miss these D; *readys the tissue box*
    If this comic ends…., I’m gonna have to go to Basil D;!!

  4. B0WJOB says:

    Uh i think i wrote it wrong…
    read my edit, sorry for making you thinking
    that this is the last chapter of KMS comic.

    i mean Final chapter as the ‘final conclusion’
    of the last 2 chapters Dx

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