KMS Comic Ch.42 (Part 3)

Continued from ch 40 and 41:



10 Responses to KMS Comic Ch.42 (Part 3)

  1. NameIsInUse says:

    Not the ending I wanted!!!

  2. Deviant666 says:

    yeah somewhat dissappointing…

    But its not lke it was a particularly dramatic storyline XD It was telling us about the game, I figured they’d end with the most important rule of all

  3. Matt~ says:

    you should make ‘B0WJOB’ comics…edit them and put different words

  4. Ray.mond says:

    Dang, I wanted to see Ethan fight a wave of GM’s in a matrix like epic.

  5. B0WJOB says:

    lol that’d be cool Ray.

    i like that idea Matt :p

  6. neonian says:

    Ethan should have raped a GM and been shot at point blanc with a sawn-off, revealing hundreds of gears, which pour out and make ethan omni-powerful, and a newbie should have defeated him.

  7. Matt~ says:

    rape a gm? O.o;

    yea josh, make us some good edited anti copywrite comics ^^;

  8. Matt~ says:

    neonian, you watch too much digimon

  9. neonian says:

    I haven’t watched digimon in 8 years.
    I need cut back on the GITS dvd’s…

  10. LMAO! Not the ending I expected 😛

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