B0WJOB’s lvl 130 Ranger Video: Released

Download the high quality video here: (180 MB)
Link 1: Sendspace

Link 2: Megaupload


7 weeks after the trailer for lvl 130 Video is released,
Here is the final work of my official Ranger video.
The filming started since June right after I hit lvl 130.

This is a remake version of the lvl 130 video.
I decided to go back and add more scenes and put
more works into it to make the video as satisfying (to myself)
as possible. Honestly, I myself like this video 🙂
Here’s the video. It’s split into 2 parts
Get both video loaded and enjoy it !

Part 1:


Part 2:


Leave a feedback, share it with your friends if you thought this is good.
Tell me what you think, hope you enjoyed it! ^_^

For some reason, these videos wont show on YouTube search =/

B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video B0WJOB’s lvl 130 video


29 Responses to B0WJOB’s lvl 130 Ranger Video: Released

  1. Evan says:

    Oh man, loved it. Glad I was part of it.. those scenes were sick =P. I see you’ve officially retired too? I just recently decided to quit.. Maple wasnt good to me.


  2. Deviant666 says:

    So you retired for good or just untill 4th job?

    Either way it was an awsome video ^^

  3. Jackovitch2/ DomeSin says:

    WOW man B0W that vid sure is awesome good work =)

    Sincerely Jackovitch2 AKA DomeSin

  4. Ray.mond says:

    Nice PKB on Rog, lol

    Loved the credits.

  5. matt says:

    hey josh. nice video. i loved the second one coz the 1st one dragged on a little but the song was soo good in the second one i downloaded it. u retired? what u gonna do. i hope ur on msn a little more lol

  6. dbzkado says:

    oyas…the best person in your list (dbzkado1989 =D)

    nice movie =]

  7. Jackovitch2/ DomeSin says:

    lol keep dreaming dbzkado XD

    i also liked the second part most the song rocks and the way te credit is made is just WOW

  8. batcave says:

    b0wjob for ever T.T cried at the end like a little girl 😦 you vanished 😦 although ive never met you in game ….
    Dont vanish B0W dont vanish 😦 Ill die with out you T,T well if this is your quitting till 4th job is out video all that much power to yah but if your quitting for good ill die 😦

  9. B0WJOB says:

    ROFL you will see me in game dont worry 😦

  10. JONxUS7 says:

    yo dawg that was great ;D i am happy to help you on ure video for most definetly and no this isn’t the end of the videos ;p there will be more after 4th job u just wait ! f5 ;p


  11. B0WJOB says:

    Jon my man. Im definitely gonna share the ORIGINAL version that
    you made for the 130 video and show them 100% of your editing madness >:D

  12. Way says:

    hey awesome video, i wanna join dope turtles too im a 133 DK in khaini. plz msg me back at waycway@hotmail.com

  13. dbzkado says:

    our health teacher, 2nd hour, we all got done with our work so she said write who inspires you most on a piece of paper for 5 extra credit points..

  14. Stelo says:

    That was hot the best part of the movie was when the name “StarStelo” came out XP it was funny how u smacked the bal rog to death lol

  15. TimeMaverick says:

    Great video. The first song was quite amusing. Excellent effects!

  16. iZeal says:

    Joshh. What up. I said I’d check out your video, so here I am =P. It was sickkk dude. Haha I really enjoyed it. From the music to the editing to you PKBing teh rog HAH. You pro, you. I’m thinking about making a video sometime in the future too, lol, but I need to start learning how to edit n whatnot. Anyway, awesome video, again. See you around bro. Take it easyy.


  17. windjungj says:

    I was inspired to make a blog after i saw yours =]
    And not really, i didn’t make the background, I just simply drew random lines and voila hahaha. ;]
    Nice video by the way!

    And thanks for the comment

  18. TimeMaverick says:

    Hey B0W, try veoh.com. IMO its much better than youtube.

  19. Sekiyama says:

    Awesome video! And sooner or later I HAVE to meet you! 😛
    Anyway YAY for us archers! =)

  20. Internationally Vague says:

    Yeah, Umm….. Josh. I know you IP banned me from this blog, but I just changed my IP! LOL@@ Anyway, have fun doing w/e it is you are doing. It’s great to FINALLY talk to you on a messenger. Hopefully you realize who I am….

    (if you don’t remember……


  21. B0WJOB says:

    of COURSE i know who you are nib
    Internationally Vague? it’s so obvious :p

    and No, I don’t know how to IP ban people on my blog
    I dont know what happened.

    but hey! awesome that u can post stuff now :p

    see u around dude.


    Thanks Sekiyama, I’m sure we’ll meet in day someday :p


    thanks for the website TimeMaverick ^_^


    iZeal , it takes time to learn how to do editing
    and others with Sony Vegas 7.0….
    I still don’t know how to Zoom and make the “camera”
    move around the character…

    well, if you ever made a video let me know, i’ll check it out :p

  22. batcave says:

    Josh or anyone who has the hq can you upload a full version hq to veoh i cant seem to get sendspace or megaupload to work

  23. batcave says:

    dammit submitted by mistake … it was supposed to say
    Josh or anyone who has the hq can you upload a full version hq to veoh i cant seem to get sendspace or megaupload to work. I would love to own one of the best vids on ms to view whenever i want.
    thanks josh cya around maple i have a sin in khania … dont play it much but meh.

  24. Blog stats, and recap of the week

    test 1 2 3

  25. Jackovitch2/ DomeSin says:

    hmm i wanna know how to use vegas (the program used to edidt the vid right)

  26. itay... says:

    please awnser this…=(
    hey i am a sin in kahini with 3k >__< i guess they noob trade me and i am in a sirius problem can i have some money pleasE? i don even have lvl 30 clothes=(
    please help me

  27. stealthgnome says:

    Hate to see a fellow Khainian “leave”.
    It’s like a plague hit out server.
    Archers forever (even though I’m a Sniper).
    Best wishes,
    – Interjection

  28. B0WJOB says:

    Jack, there’s a thread in Video Section in Sw.net that might answer your question,
    its stickied.

    itay, track me in game.

    Archer forever, Interjection 🙂

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