Fame story

October 27, 2007



This is a little drama I encountered on a weekend.
What we choose to say and our actions brings differnt consequences…right?


As usual, I left my character AFK in FM with 1012 fames
and went doing something else
(Playing Smash Bros. with friends, I don’t remember)

However, when I came back, I saw my fames
get dropped down to like 1006 fames and this is what I saw:

I had two choices at that time:

Since it’s obvious that I got mass defamed by one person,
I knew there’s more defames waiting for me
(I didn’t know why was getting mass defamed; I found out later)

I could’ve either ran away from Free Market and not getting defamed,
which was what I did. But then I changed my mind,

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October 25, 2007

Olympus: 87 Att, 4 Dex
(Base 65, Sw33tspot, Scania)

If you know any bowman equipment
that surpasses the ones on the list,
please let me know, Thanks.

Yahoo a new accomplishment :D

October 25, 2007


And the cool thing is, I stopped buying fames after Ludi PQ (lvl 50)
I mostly just trade fames or earn fames or randomly get famed
(and rarely got randomly defamed ,
Ted20 defamed once in Ludi,
when I asked him in Chat room :
“hey man what did I do to get defame?”
“Cuz your char is ugly”

lol funny defame F6)


October 23, 2007

Updated: (The %/hr for Archers)

Updated: (The Legendary Bowman Equipments)

Gross Jaeger: 105 Att, 2 Dex
(Base 85, 2 30%, 5 60%, moldypoptart, Bera)

Gold Hinkel: 104 Att, 3 Dex
(Base 81, ALastReprise, Scania)

Golden Crow: 105 Att, 5 Dex
(Base 80, GetEat, Bellocan)

Dark Falcon: 5 Dex, 110 HP
(iBerzerk, Khaini)

Dark Wing Boots: 16 Dex, 3 Speed, 19 Jump
(iBerzerk, Khaini)

ocarina presents: Me and my Mr Evil

October 18, 2007

I believe this was posted back in summer 06 on sw.net
It was so good that someone stole it and made a YouTube video

The thread is no longer available, fortunately she PM’d me
the link to this story (later I found she updated the link on
her artwork thread)

Credit goes to ocarina :

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Re: Training/Collected Data Reference

October 14, 2007

Hey who stole my thread ima ks you >:O

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100k hit !

October 5, 2007

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