Re: Training/Collected Data Reference

Hey who stole my thread ima ks you >:O

just kidding xP

Bria, I read your comment and saw the thread on sw

I have a suggestion myself,
but before I go there let me say something

Being unable to update the thread (on sucks,
what sucks even more is Mod Apu locked the thread
(crap, I just found that out)
(Indian accent :”Apu what dar yu doing? D:”)

Here’s what’s going to happen:

– I am going to give a big update with the data
that people posted on sw and my blog after this post

But seeing that the thread is locked,
I don’t expect all the bowman will come to my blog
and drop their data here (some thought my blog is a porn site
when I told them the url T_T)

But this is my suggestion:

I take this thread/page (of %/hr) very seriously.
It’s one of the works that I put most of my time and efforts,
and so far I don’t know anyone I know well enough on sw
who is willing to take over the thread.

What if, may I suggest, that someone opens a new thread
(like “Data for %/hr for Archers)
that Archers can post their data and people can see
the updated result on my blog?
Is that too much to ask for? .___.
Bria, I really appreciate what you did, and yes you did
cite the creator of the work which is not a problem,
But this %/hr data takes a tremendous amount of work.

What do you say if you leave the work to me,
I’ll update the page and people contribute by
submitting their data on sleepywood (or here?)

This is my suggestion, if you disagree or wanna discuss it
feel free to do so. Let’s find a way to work this out =)


and I want to say ‘thank you’ to phoenixaura,
MutantGuitar (you 50% saved my blog once lol),
Sybaris and other archers.


5 Responses to Re: Training/Collected Data Reference

  1. Goggyfour says:

    HOLY SEXY! WHEN DID YOU UPDATE YOUR BANNER? <__> What’s this article about? Cliffnotes plox (I wonder if some people think that about mine).

  2. MutantGuitar says:

    there, just created a new thread for people to post their data in with a link to your %/hour list. hopefully that thread doesn’t get killed.

  3. Ray.mond says:

    Sleepywood Ex Dee.

  4. phoenixaura says:

    Hm, i’m mentioned.

    Funny. o_o;

  5. GoIlbis says:

    Hey I think it will be nice if he left a link to your website. That means more hits =)

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