ocarina presents: Me and my Mr Evil

I believe this was posted back in summer 06 on sw.net
It was so good that someone stole it and made a YouTube video

The thread is no longer available, fortunately she PM’d me
the link to this story (later I found she updated the link on
her artwork thread)

Credit goes to ocarina :

Original page
【___ocarina’s gallery___】
ocarina’s Deviant Art Gallery


When this was first made/published it was really touching
since that was when people haven’t started flooding with stories
of their favorite pet died or their BFF GF died or whatever.


Back to finishing my MidTerm D:


5 Responses to ocarina presents: Me and my Mr Evil

  1. neonian says:

    Poor mr.evil.
    Sins are bastards.

  2. Zankarst says:

    At least the sin gave some kind of compensation! >:0

    Most usually don’t >_>;

  3. GoIlbis says:

    I remember that from a long time ago. Its a good video or video story I guess.

  4. GoIlbis says:

    BTW this is what my life feels like everyday coming home from school.

  5. Jackk says:

    This was interesting back in the day. However, now stories like that flood sw and youtube and whatnot. I agree with you Josh that this has somewhat lost its effect now, though when I first saw it, I did like it. =]

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