Fame story



This is a little drama I encountered on a weekend.
What we choose to say and our actions brings differnt consequences…right?


As usual, I left my character AFK in FM with 1012 fames
and went doing something else
(Playing Smash Bros. with friends, I don’t remember)

However, when I came back, I saw my fames
get dropped down to like 1006 fames and this is what I saw:

I had two choices at that time:

Since it’s obvious that I got mass defamed by one person,
I knew there’s more defames waiting for me
(I didn’t know why was getting mass defamed; I found out later)

I could’ve either ran away from Free Market and not getting defamed,
which was what I did. But then I changed my mind,


Exited from FM and stood in El Nath, I started wondering
why I was getting mass defamed. I decided to go back
to see if I can find the guy and find out what’s going on


“This guy was screwing around with me,”
but I want to know what made him defame me.

Knowing that there are people in MS that do
ridiculous things, I was upset that I was getting defamed
for such a stupid reason. Sure, when I walk by a map I
might kill a monster or two without thinking,
but saying that is KSing is just blowing the proportion.


AznSoildierz, a random person who stood next to me
was going to start a convo with me. I whispered to him
that Im getting mass defamed by this zombie guy
(so I can’t really talk at the moment)

then he start going after Zombie dude. Hence the whispers in SS.

I have no recollection of memory on WHY XXTRUEASSXXX
famed me. While being preoccupied with Zombie dude,
I later assume she overheard our convo and decided to fame me.


I did not know what Zombie was thinking at that moment.
and of course, I didn’t really mean what I said, the whole
thing about “I will not hurt ONE monster”

I said it because I felt “f*** it”


“Whatever, dude”
I didn’t think he really meant to fame me back.

Meanwhile I’m getting fames here and there,

That’s all I wanted.
He said he’s sorry, he’s not gonna do this silly defames anymore.
and I want to let it go. “It’s over. Let’s move on,” I thought.


I thought:
“this guy is still messing with me -__-”



I assumed it was XXTRUEASSXXX who was faming me,
But back then I didn’t have the time to think who was doing this.

and the way he said it:

“But nowwwww, I feel baddddddddd”

just sounds like he’s not being serious


I was almost convinced he is just toying with me.


So what the heck, I make you feel better 1337 times


I really am low in meso. Currently have -5 mil. lol.


THIS is when I realized that this ‘Zombie’ guy really
was being serious about what he said. hey, what a relief.
Can I say I reconciled with him? :]


Here I am. Even though I went from 1012 fames to 1010 fames,
I got to meet a few nice people.


I see some nice ppl in this incident:

The Zombie guy
(who’s real IGN is remain protected. I hope)
Isn’t really a bad person.
Him (and his friend who’s on the same computer) were just bored.
The reason I say he is the a nice person is because
he felt bad for what he did and made it up (a bit).
How many people have you met that have done bad things
and showed no regrets?

I don’t know if AznSoilderz famed me. But seeing a random
guy in FM (me) getting mass defamed [by Zombie] and decided
to say something about it provided a bit of support to me back then :p

I still don’t know what made XXTRUEASSXXX decided to fame me.
I guess she overheard our convo and know that it’s one of those incidents
where a innocent guy gets mass defamed for nothing.
I’m thankful for what she did.

Me, B0WJOB, who is involved into this mess and end up making
a few friends, I think I should be considered a nice guy :p

I hope you will get something out from this story
and do good deed to another individual,
whether in game or in real life =]


“A gentle answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger. ” (Psalms 15:1)


16 Responses to Fame story

  1. dbzkado says:

    wow, at first i was like, damn im going to yell at this kid, but then he felt bad, and now i feel good for reading it, nice story josh, i hope to meet true ass and aznsoilderz

  2. Way says:

    don’t worry ill fame u back up with my guyz.

  3. Goggyfour says:

    A nice person? Me? Surely you jest.

  4. mutantguitar says:

    wow, you handled that situation alot better than i would have.

  5. damogz says:

    I loved how this post turned up.. and with the Bible verse in the end it was perfect.

    Man you could make Maplestory Daily devotionals… xD (you know the books where you have verses and stories for a whole year..)

  6. B0WJOB says:

    Yeah, you mean Our Daily Bread?
    lol thanks for the comment but I dont think my posts have been
    THAT Christian enough ><

  7. MyFirstLegit says:

    Online games, serious fucking business.

  8. B0WJOB says:

    lol. i see reflections of different personality, psychology, and good sides of human nature.

  9. B0WJOB says:

    Note to self:

    eilon has a Blue Metus

  10. GoIlbis says:

    Devotional MS. Good use of your Mega =)

  11. B0WJOB says:

    what mega 😮

  12. urbanways says:

    wow… i think your the only person with that kind of persistance and determination to sit there and talk all that through T.T; for people such as me it will either end in violent defaming war or other things which i can’t remember right now due to my 30min nose bleed >.>;

    Good job none the less lol you seem to make more friends everyday ^^

  13. B0WJOB says:

    well 2 days ago magic2reaper defamed me and I asked “why you defame me?”
    and he’s like “cuz your blowjobbbb” so I defamed back.

    well thing is, you dont accomplish anything if u just get mad
    and yell “WTF YOU DEFAME IMA KS YOU” or stuff like that u know? :p

  14. windjungj says:

    Lol, that’s what most people do. Anyways I guess it’s not 100% safe to go in the FM anymore D:

  15. XXTRUEASSXXX says:

    hey its me i decided to cheack out the website hey ur welcome!

  16. XXTRUEASSXXX says:

    hey i just wanna be helpful and be a friend isnt that what ms is about hope to see u agian =) o yea guys im not on my main as much but here name is magelinkg52. bye

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