November 29, 2007

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Totally worth the money

November 29, 2007

Happened on Sunday

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Mass Scrolling: complete

November 24, 2007


There were more people showed up than I expected

Few of them helped me to hold the cheap equips,
I got donated 6 30% Bow, Above avg Gold Arund,
30% bait scrolls, capes, cross bows, and other things
from people.

allanbatman, a Windian Ranger and another Windian (?)
came and watched scrolling.

It was a pleasure to have u there


I used up 30% Bow scrolls while there were 5+ clean bows
that were still untouched.

all 90, 90, 91, 91 clean Metus either broke or none of them worked








When I 30% Top/Bottom/shield, I want them all to break/fail.
and look at this


Godly Stolen Fence >__>







Sold the Gold Arund to Ooll7021oO
He spent indirectly 500 mil for this bow.


the total Frapped video clips were over 20.6 Gb big
(high quality 🙂 )

It was a fun and exciting experience.

This time, the video is going to be more interesting than the last one 😉

Update: 2nd Massive Scrolling

November 23, 2007

It’s going to be on this Saturday 5:00 pm PST

This is where my millions of mesos went to :p



Gonna work on getting more bait/crap scrolls.

Truthfully I want to wait for a month longer
since I know 30% breaks items easily
and I want more bows to handle that.
But since I’ll be in Hong Kong for a month this winter break
and they IP block HK, the best time to do it is while I’m in the States.

You are welcome to come as long as you
are willing to cooperate and not running around
spamming or do anything distracting 😉

/find B0WJOB

Dont forget to rate this post 5 Cursed scrolls out of 5 !




All Eyes On

November 22, 2007


119 att, 4 dex, 3 slots Dark Nisrock

Let me know how this bow turns out 😮

2nd Massive Scrolling

November 18, 2007

Is scheduled to scroll on Thanksgiving weekend.

More updates coming soon

*latest edit: there seem to have internet issue…
needs to get it solved otherwise scrolling will be
forced to push back =/


Practicing with 30% Scrolls

These are scrolls cost under 400k


So I’ll probably have a better chance of getting 30% to work
if I can get more than 10 of 30% to fail in a row

A lvl 12 beats Zakum

November 14, 2007

My roommate has been letting me use
his (awesome) desktop to play Maple Story.
The Zakum runs for the past few weeks have been great.
I can take SS and have the best quality with no lag.

For the past few weeks,
my roommate Chris has been watching me kill Zak.
Being a retired Pro WoW player,
he asked me lots of questions about the fight.
Seeing that all I did during the fight was
repot, attack, and stay away from Zak,
he asked me if he could play my character and fight Zakum.

How much has he played Maple Story?
I taught him the basics of my Ranger last weekend
and he played my character B0WJOB at
Death Teddies for about 2 hours.

Two hours is all the Mapling experience he had.
Two hours is about the time it takes for a beginner to hit lvl 12.

I attended Monday’s Zakum run hosted by
(AngelCMC/1Radiant) Lucky guild,
The only thing is Chris, my roommate, was controlling my character.
The only time I was on B0WJOB is when I chatted with people.

He knows how to Strafe, Repot, and Cast skills
although he is not very skillful at it yet.

I was next to him supervising.


(I need a haircut >.<)

Even though he did fine at Death Teddy for 2 hrs, he was nervous.
(which is the entire time that he played Maple Story),
This is different. This is Zakum.

We are talking about someone who has ever Mapled much
that is going on the boss run fighting
the hardest monster in the game.



When you fight Zakum,
you need to get on different platforms to fight different arms.


Things went pretty well.
He tried his best to keep B0WJOB alive,
stayed away from Zakum, and stayed on the platform.
I was watching him fighting Zakum most of the time,
and I gave a few pointers when he:

  • lost track where my character was at a couple times
  • When B0WJOB got knocked off from the platform
  • When skills wears off (Bow booster)
  • When MP is depleted

He does pretty well. Like I said, he repots more frequent than I do 😮

When he fought the 2nd body,
I came over just to check how he is doing,
I heard B0WJOB keep shooting Strafe arrows, and HP is full,
only thing is, I noticed B0WJOB was facing the wall and shooting
the opposite side of Zakum; it was crowded that he didn’t know where
my character was xD

Quite a few people died in the run.
I’m guessing the run took for about 1 hour.




He did it !





This is Chris’ thought/input:

I played wow for the first year it came out and
had the full 10 storms set (Shaman lvl 60 set)
within a few weeks of Blackwing lair coming out.
and before the next big dungeon was released.
After my guild broke up I ended up selling my account on ebay for $920.

I thought the fight was pretty intense and kind of long.
I’ve fought many bosses in WoW but none of them come to mind
that take that long (continuous fighting).
However, I did think the experience was pretty cool.
Being very new to the game I was focusing mostly on staying alive,
but I was still attacking the entire time.
I think I could have done a little better job using the cure all potions,
but fore the most part my priest kept them off of me.

Overall, I think Zak is a relatively easy boss organizationally wise–
and by that I only mean one person can’t screw everyone else up.
In other games there are some bosses where if one person screws up everyone can die.


Statistics on the potion:

[Name], [Before Zakum], [After the Arms], [After Zakum]

Cheese: 700, 505, 118
Ice Cream Pop: 241, 241, 241

PureWater: 325, 242, 224
Mana Elixir Pill: 503, 495, 81

All Cure Potion: 85, 76, 43



Does this mean Mapling requires no skills at all?
Not exactly.
Chris could have killed B0WJOB if
I wasn’t there giving him some pointers
(“Walk back, you are pretty close to Zakum body”
“There’s B0WJOB *points at screen, keep a distance”
“Press 6 for Booster and “End” for MP. Now.” )

Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience =]