Pwnmanship, Old School Khaini Top DK

Where my last bits of NX went:




I just want to quote and paraphrase him from
his GoodBye thread in Khaini world forum because
I think it’s worth a read


I’ve thought about coming back,
mainly for all the friends I left behind.
But I’ve heard this many times and it seems to finally ring true now.
Hell, I’ve even said it myself.

“Nobody is losing sleep over a friend quitting, given some time,
you will have been forgotten. Everyone is.
If you stay for friends, then you are staying for the wrong reason.
Play for yourself.”

The wording is often different, but that’s the gist of it.

A long time ago, I played this game because I enjoyed it.
Straight to about 140 on my DK and 108 on my WK.
After 2x’s experience cards were released,
this game lost all the fun it used to be (for me).
About one week after they came out,
I was gone from maple for a few months for summer vacation.
When I came back, the game didn’t have the same feel.

Now, training for those 4-12hours is an obligation
because of the money you invested.
Now, everyone is too busy training during that time to bother
to boss or just sit and chat. Now, to play competitively,
this game costs real money.
Bare minimum $50 a month to possibly be in the top 5 of your server.

I remember back in the day, the people in the top 30
would train 6-16hours a day because they enjoyed it.
Any random time during that,
we would form a Pap/Pianus party and kill it (or hang around and chat).
No restrictions, you could do anything you want at any
given time of the day without losing out on an opportunity.
Even something simple like transferring for a friend nowadays
“Sorry, on my 2x’s.”

I remember the day Pianus came out.
… -omits -…
dying many times from lack of experience.

I remember getting to Zakum’s body for the 1st time,
we all had to donate mesos to Jak so he could kill the
top right arm with shadow mesos (lol out of stars).
… -omits -…

I remember our 1st Papulatus attempt,
… -omits -…

I remember the 1st Pap ever killed by legits in Khaini,
… -omits -…

Nowadays, these bosses are a joke,
people Solo them due to the influx of high levels,
bossing experience, and better equipment from curse scrolls.
Recently, a new, challenging boss (crow) comes out,
people don’t want to kill it due to fear of losing experience (or wanting to train).
I remember when Jak died over 40 times in one day
to kill his 1st Pianus, everyone lost lots of % that day.
But we did it for fun so it didn’t matter.
Even lower levels nowadays seem to just surf for
a clean channel somebody left behind, nobody wants to boss anymore.

The game felt more carefree, it was a nice atmosphere.
Now its exp exp exp exp exp mesos exp exp exp.
Perhaps it’s nostalgia that makes me say this.
I don’t really know, but something has changed.
Maybe it’s just my perceptive that’s changed and the game is the same.

… -omits paraagraphs-…


7 Responses to Pwnmanship, Old School Khaini Top DK

  1. Zankarst says:

    Yeah, I agree with him >_>;

    Maple’s all about the 2x EXP nowadays ._____.

    Still doesn’t stop me from wanting to get to a high level and do boss parties :<

  2. windjungj says:

    you seem to have all the luck while gacha’ing.
    lol, i guess i really quit maple story and now am just trying to keep my body in shape and do school.

    it’s really not worth maple until 4th job though, because a lot of people i know are quitting. and the fun rush from maple a few years back that everyone had isn’t getting into all of us anymore. i mean everyone saw people like Tiger and suushi and vietxhue who got hacked. what’s the point of us working up there and then getting hacked, or we could just hack our way up there ~_~

  3. hermitcity says:

    I really like how that was written. It made a lot more sense and I related to it a lot even if I play JMS.

  4. Phunkadelic says:

    Exactly how i felt when the drug was released in MapleSea.

  5. BussixD says:

    XD well i have just a question… well xD i need a guide for bowmaster… im at europe… but all guide are bad i dont know more about guides,, is ok if u send me a guide.. maybe… im lvl 100 but as soon as im make lvl 120 i need a guide

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