A lvl 12 beats Zakum

My roommate has been letting me use
his (awesome) desktop to play Maple Story.
The Zakum runs for the past few weeks have been great.
I can take SS and have the best quality with no lag.

For the past few weeks,
my roommate Chris has been watching me kill Zak.
Being a retired Pro WoW player,
he asked me lots of questions about the fight.
Seeing that all I did during the fight was
repot, attack, and stay away from Zak,
he asked me if he could play my character and fight Zakum.

How much has he played Maple Story?
I taught him the basics of my Ranger last weekend
and he played my character B0WJOB at
Death Teddies for about 2 hours.

Two hours is all the Mapling experience he had.
Two hours is about the time it takes for a beginner to hit lvl 12.

I attended Monday’s Zakum run hosted by
(AngelCMC/1Radiant) Lucky guild,
The only thing is Chris, my roommate, was controlling my character.
The only time I was on B0WJOB is when I chatted with people.

He knows how to Strafe, Repot, and Cast skills
although he is not very skillful at it yet.

I was next to him supervising.


(I need a haircut >.<)

Even though he did fine at Death Teddy for 2 hrs, he was nervous.
(which is the entire time that he played Maple Story),
This is different. This is Zakum.

We are talking about someone who has ever Mapled much
that is going on the boss run fighting
the hardest monster in the game.



When you fight Zakum,
you need to get on different platforms to fight different arms.


Things went pretty well.
He tried his best to keep B0WJOB alive,
stayed away from Zakum, and stayed on the platform.
I was watching him fighting Zakum most of the time,
and I gave a few pointers when he:

  • lost track where my character was at a couple times
  • When B0WJOB got knocked off from the platform
  • When skills wears off (Bow booster)
  • When MP is depleted

He does pretty well. Like I said, he repots more frequent than I do 😮

When he fought the 2nd body,
I came over just to check how he is doing,
I heard B0WJOB keep shooting Strafe arrows, and HP is full,
only thing is, I noticed B0WJOB was facing the wall and shooting
the opposite side of Zakum; it was crowded that he didn’t know where
my character was xD

Quite a few people died in the run.
I’m guessing the run took for about 1 hour.




He did it !





This is Chris’ thought/input:

I played wow for the first year it came out and
had the full 10 storms set (Shaman lvl 60 set)
within a few weeks of Blackwing lair coming out.
and before the next big dungeon was released.
After my guild broke up I ended up selling my account on ebay for $920.

I thought the fight was pretty intense and kind of long.
I’ve fought many bosses in WoW but none of them come to mind
that take that long (continuous fighting).
However, I did think the experience was pretty cool.
Being very new to the game I was focusing mostly on staying alive,
but I was still attacking the entire time.
I think I could have done a little better job using the cure all potions,
but fore the most part my priest kept them off of me.

Overall, I think Zak is a relatively easy boss organizationally wise–
and by that I only mean one person can’t screw everyone else up.
In other games there are some bosses where if one person screws up everyone can die.


Statistics on the potion:

[Name], [Before Zakum], [After the Arms], [After Zakum]

Cheese: 700, 505, 118
Ice Cream Pop: 241, 241, 241

PureWater: 325, 242, 224
Mana Elixir Pill: 503, 495, 81

All Cure Potion: 85, 76, 43



Does this mean Mapling requires no skills at all?
Not exactly.
Chris could have killed B0WJOB if
I wasn’t there giving him some pointers
(“Walk back, you are pretty close to Zakum body”
“There’s B0WJOB *points at screen, keep a distance”
“Press 6 for Booster and “End” for MP. Now.” )

Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience =]


39 Responses to A lvl 12 beats Zakum

  1. dbzkado says:

    Holy snapz thats cool, 2 gig ram comp gets it done xD

    Tell chris i said grats, he’ll never be a noob on ms..

  2. Zankarst says:

    Grats to Chris, lol.

    This kind of proves that you don’t require much skill in Maple 😡

    Kind of sucks ._.

  3. B0WJOB says:

    Not exactly. He couldn’t have done it if I wasn’t next to him giving advices and pointers.

  4. Red says:

    That’s actually pretty cool. The fact he was able to survive Zakum with very little experience (and your advice) is rather amazing.

  5. Stelo says:

    wonder how long he would last w/o ur help

    ~gratz Chris

    is he makin his own ms account?

  6. B0WJOB says:

    nope. he doesnt have the time to MS.

  7. XBish says:

    how long was the run? that was a lot of pots, id use that in a 1+hour run if it goes bad and theres no priest

  8. B0WJOB says:

    about 1 hour. didn’t count how long it took

  9. matt says:

    my bro doesn’t like maple or maplers but in his words “WHOA, THAT’S A HEAPS GOOD COMPUTER!”

  10. Zankarst says:

    Bowjob should let chris level up my account so I don’t have to do all the work. f3.

    ’tis a good way to learn about maple! ;D

  11. B0WJOB says:

    or level on MY character >:)

  12. Zankarst says:

    No. Mine.

    You’ve got 30 4th points already.

  13. Stelo says:

    31 4th points

  14. Zankarst says:

    30 + whatever the 4th job quest gives, lol.

    Just found out and it’s 3 SP and 5 AP.

    So 33.

    Everyone was wrong! D:

  15. Steven says:

    Lol I think I just saw my char 😛

  16. B0WJOB says:


    do you still GMS? :O
    I miss u steven 😦

  17. razz says:

    wow sweet grats chris XD

  18. B0WJOB says:

    i’ll tell him that :p

  19. DeadlyForce1 says:

    Nice stuff! I probably couldn’t take Zakum, and I’ve been playing for almost 3 years now 😛

    Grats to your roomie, Chris, for being the most pro noob ever ^_^

  20. Flamerson says:

    i have a priest and would love to meet you

  21. 2wicedead says:

    Honestly…there are MUCH harder things to survive than zakum.

  22. edward2008x says:

    chris is good but bbowjob your better
    that was a good fight with chris killing zakum

    thanks. I played MS for like 900 hours
    and he played for like 2 hours. I think I should be better than him. :p

  23. ItsEthanJosh says:

    Wow, you fought zakum and you’re a complete noob.. thats amazing for someone that just started keep up the good work and happy mapling !

    thanks for your wish but my friend has never touched MS ever since that Zakum run :p

  24. Honest Noob says:

    i cant see my penis

  25. Soldaj Fag says:

    internet keeps me alive :<

  26. ItsEthanJosh says:

    Disregard that, I suck cock.

  27. Steven says:

    This isn’t possible. You can only fight Zakum level 50 or above in a guild. IT’s a party quest. This is impossible. Also, Zakum hits about 3k. level 12’s have far from 3k health.

    read my blog post carefully 😉

  28. jj says:

    what server r u on khiani?

  29. Sam says:

    As a Bowmaster / Night Lord, zakum isnt that hard, as long as you have HB. I would realy be impressed if he could do zakum as a CB or Shadower. Thats hard.
    I dont think Bowmasters have the chance to be a one hit kill, or am i wrong? The chance a ranged class get boddy touch, is small. Anyway, to just have experience for 2 hours, thats realy amazing, but, is that cause your roommate was good, or because you were a good teacher? =]

  30. Bishop says:

    for me zakum is to ez all i just have to do i HEAL

  31. Bishop says:


  32. Aeo says:

    pretty cool
    but the title of this is kinda misleading >.<
    i was thinking of a private server when i saw this

  33. you suks says:

    all of you guys are suks

  34. Janette says:

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    A lvl 12 beats Zakum | lvl 130 Khaini Bowmaster Who Has Beaten Maple Story on 2008

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